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Which country’s first Mars rover is named ‘Zhurong’?

Which country’s first Mars rover is named ‘Zhurong’?

China’s first Mars rover is named ‘Zhurong’. The solar-powered, 240kg (530lb) six-wheeled robot will be exploring Utopia Planitia in Mars’ northern hemisphere, and will be named after a Chinese mythological fire god. This massive basin, which stretches over 3,000 kilometres (1,860 miles), was most likely produced by an impact early in the planet’s history.

The Zhurong rover touched down on the Red Planet on May 14, and its first images reached Earth on May 19. Zhurong, named for an ancient Chinese god of fire, has been orbiting the Red Planet since February 10, when China’s Tianwen-1 spacecraft entered Martian orbit.

Q1. Recently launched ‘Mayflower 400’ is the world’s first unmanned what?

Answer 1: Ship

Q2. The Bench, narrating the special relationship between father and son, is the first children’s book written by which famous personality?

Answer 2: Meghan Markle

Q3. Which country’s first Mars rover is named ‘Zhurong’?

Answer 3: China

Q4. If the Greeks called him Poseidon, what did the Romans call him?

Answer 4: Neptune

Q5. Where were the 1992 edition of these games held?

Answer 5: Barcelona

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