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Which country’s new stealth jet has been dubbed “Checkmate”?

Which country’s new stealth jet has been dubbed “Checkmate”?

  • A) Israel
  • B) Japan
  • C) Australia
  • D) Russia

Correct Answer is Russia.

The Russia ‘s new stealth jet has been dubbed “Checkmate”.

Russia’s So-Called Fifth-Generation Stealth Fighter is a checkmate.

His supposition proved to be incorrect. The VKS did not order the new plane and does not appear to desire it. The so-called stealth jet has been dubbed “Checkmate,” which is a three-letter term in Russian (Shakh I Mat) that isn’t realistic as a weapons system name.

A mystery new stealth fighter was the most advertised entry at MAKS-2021. Before MAKS-2021, photos of the aircraft were disseminated with the suggestive phrase, “Do you want to see me naked?” (Kommersant, 21 July)

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Answer 1: Russia

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