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Which of the following are effects of longer screen-time duration?

Which of the following are effects of longer screen-time duration?

  • A) Headache
  • B) Irritation
  • C) Eye Strain
  • D) All of the above

Correct Answer is All of the above.

All of the above are effects of longer screen-time duration.

Too much screen time can cause digital eye strain, which can cause headaches, neck stress, dry eyes, and blurred vision. Over 27% of people have experienced headaches as a result of digital eye strain, according to the Vision Council.

Causes of eye strain may not be related to underlying disease. As an example, consider excessive screen time or driving, wrong eyeglass prescription, or extreme exhaustion or lack of sleep. Time spent staring at a computer screen has increased exponentially during the past few decades “Computer vision syndrome” is a term used to describe the eye strain caused by all that screen time. Red eye can also be caused by staring at other screens, such as TVs, phones, and tablets.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of spending too much time in front of a screen, which can induce eyestrain in certain people. A permanent visual impairment is unlikely, however. 80 percent of American people claim they use digital gadgets for more than two hours every day, and over 67 percent use two or more devices simultaneously.

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Answer 1: 5.7 Hrs

Answer 2: All of the above

Answer 3: USB Powered Monitor Lamp with brightness and color-temperature control

Answer 4: All of the above

Answer 5: 50000 hrs

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