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Which of the following should not be cleaned using disinfectant sprays?

Which of the following should not be cleaned using disinfectant sprays?

Pets is the correct answer. Pets should not be cleaned using disinfectant sprays.

Many popular household sprays contain harmful chemicals that can be dangerous for health by dogs and cats, so pet owners are urged to double-check the ingredients.

Even when owners are being cautious, pets are still regularly exposed to cleaning products, particularly if they walk or lick the floor where disinfectant has been sprayed.

SANICAN is an alcohol-free sanitizer specially formulated for your pets. It contains Benzalkonium Chloride, a proven anti-microbial; goodness of pure essential oils and aloe which makes it safe for everyday use.

Health and Hygiene Quiz Answers

Question 1: As per WHO recommendation, how long should individuals scrub their hands while washing them?

Answer: 20 seconds

Question 2: While washing your hands, what parts of your hand should you lather up with soap?

Answer: All of the above

Question 3: Which of the following should not be cleaned using disinfectant sprays?

Answer: Pets

Question 4: Cleaning with a household disinfectant cleaner reduces germs on surfaces and decreases risk of infection.

Answer: True

Question 5: What does a laundry sanitizer do?

Answer: All of the above

SupaClean is a heavy-duty pet safe disinfectant that can be used to clean dog kennels, surfaces, utensils & more!

Cleaners with powerful odors that promise results should alert pet owners, particularly cat owners, to danger, experts say. The ingredients that make disinfectants effective make them toxic for companion animals: alcohol, bleach, hydrogen peroxide, chemical compounds that contain the word “phenol,” etc.

If you’re on social media- you may have seen some posts about Lysol being dangerous to pets. In reality, all cleaners are toxic to pets, some are worse than others. One of the active ingredients in Lysol is Phenol. Phenol is especially dangerous for cats– but can also be problematic for dogs.

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