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Which of these companies invented the transistor in 1947?

Which of these companies invented the transistor in 1947?

Bell Labs is the Correct Answer. Bell Labs invented the transistor in 1947.

John Bardeen, Walter Brattain and William Shockley invented the first working transistors at Bell Labs, the point-contact transistor in 1947. Shockley introduced the improved bipolar junction transistor in 1948, which entered production in the early 1950s and led to the first widespread use of transistors.

His breakthrough was what they needed. Without telling Shockley about the changes they were making to the investigation, Bardeen and Brattain worked on. On December 16, 1947, they built the point-contact transistormade from strips of gold foil on a plastic triangle, pushed down into contact with a slab of germanium.

transistor consists of three layers of a semiconductor material, each capable of carrying a current. A semiconductor is a material such as germanium and silicon that conducts electricity in a “semi-enthusiastic” way.

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