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Which veteran athlete was known as “miracle mom” from Chandigarh?

Which veteran athlete was known as “miracle mom” from Chandigarh?

  • A) Sunita Dhand
  • B) Baljeet Kaur
  • C) Mann Kaur
  • D) Kamaljeet Sandhu

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Correct Answer is (C) Mann Kaur.

Mann Kaur the veteran athlete was known as “miracle mom” from Chandigarh.

Mann Kaur, the senior athlete who defied age to establish multiple world records in the 100-plus age category and impressed the world with her achievements, died on Saturday in this city.

She was 105 years old at the time.

In February, the seasoned athlete was diagnosed with gall bladder and liver cancer. She was sent to Devi Nagar village’s Shuddhi Ayurveda Panchkarma Hospital.
“I enjoy running,” Mann Kaur, who was born on March 1, 1916, used to say when asked what kept her going at this age. Why should I stop when I think I’m doing fine?”

All Quiz Answers

Answer 1: (D) Weightlifting

Answer 2: (C) Mann Kaur

Answer 3: (B) Wally Funk

Answer 4: (A) Cheetah

Answer 5: (D) Galileo Galilei

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