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Who is known as ‘The father of Indian Constitution’?

Who is known as ‘The father of Indian Constitution’? is the first question asked in Great Republic Day Quiz. Firstly, by participating in this quiz you can earn a chance to win ₹ 75,000. We have provided all the 5 correct answers to quiz below. You can find all the answers to this quiz at bottom.

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Who is known as ‘The father of Indian Constitution’? Amazon Quiz

Q1. Who is known as ‘The father of Indian Constitution’?

Correct Answer is B. R. Ambedkar.

B. R. Ambedkar is known as ‘The father of Indian Constitution’. B.R. Ambedkar is known as the Father of the Indian Constitution. In 1915, Mahatma Gandhi returned to India after being summoned by Gopal Krishna Gokhale. He already had a global reputation as a renowned Indian nationalist and community organiser at this point.

The new Congress-led administration invited Ambedkar to serve as the country’s first Law Minister after India’s independence on August 15, 1947, which he accepted. On August 29, he was named Chairman of the Constitution Drafting Committee by the Assembly, and he was tasked with writing India’s new Constitution.

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All Quiz Answers

Answer 1: B. R. Ambedkar

Answer 2: 2 years 11 months 18 days

Answer 3: 21

Answer 4: Victoria Cross

Answer 5: January 29th

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