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Who took this iconic photograph? – Amazon Quiz

Who took this iconic photograph? – Amazon Quiz

  • Buzz Aldrin
  • Michael Collins
  • Neil Armstrong
  • Richard Nixon

Correct Answer: Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong took this iconic photograph. Aldrin seemed unconcerned about being the second man on the moon, having travelled so far only to miss out on Neil Armstrong’s epochal first-man title by a few inches and minutes.

Aldrin, on the other hand, achieved a different type of immortality. Armstrong shot all of the images because he was holding the crew’s 70-millimeter Hasselblad, which meant the only moon man Earthlings would see clearly was the one who took the second steps. It was unlikely that this image would last as long as it has. It lacks the energy of shots of Aldrin descending the lunar module’s ladder, as well as the patriotic resonance of his saluting the American flag.

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He’s just standing there, a small, frail man on a distant world that would be pleased to kill him if he took off even a single piece of his incredibly complicated attire.

He has assumed that his arm is awkwardly bent because he was staring at the checklist on his wrist. Armstrong’s visor reflects him, making him appear even tiny and ghostly. It’s a picture that, if it was aiming for heroics, got it all wrong in certain aspects. As a result, it performed flawlessly.

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