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Why is white chocolate white?

Why is white chocolate white?

Why is white chocolate white?

Answer: It Has No Cocoa Solids

White chocolate Has No Cocoa Solids. It isn’t even chocolate because there aren’t any cocoa particles in it. It’s basically cocoa butter and sugar blended together, with a dash of vanilla for flavour.

Q1. When is world chocolate day celebrated?

Answer: (C) 7th July

Q2. Where does Cocoa come from?

Answer: (D) Theobroma Cacao Tree

Q3. About when did people begin to consume chocolate in solid form, as opposed to only in liquid form?

Answer: (C) 1850s

Q4. Which European country was the first to enjoy chocolate?

Answer: (C) Spain

Q5. Why is white chocolate white?

Answer: (A) It Has No Cocoa Solids

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