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I give this free Blogger template the name FiksionerFiksioner is one of the best free Blogger template recommendations of the year. The display style is deliberately designed to be large and wide because it was originally designed specifically for the needs of personal blogging, aka those who like to write journals, personal experience notes, or writing fiction. That is the reason why I named him Fiksioner, aka people who like to fictional (imagine). You can Download Fiksioner – the free Blogspot Fiksioner template in this article.

But over time, it turns out that Fixioners are widely used by blogs with various niches. Starting from news, tutorials, health, education, recipes, even a hodgepodge blog that discusses various things. This is because the Fiksioner is flexible, it can be used for any need.

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Features and Strengths

  1. Layout v3 and Widgets v2
    This is the newest and most advanced version of the Blogger template. So it is clear that it is very up to date.
  2. Multi Related Post Related
    articles that are spread evenly into posts. Does not stack in one place (mostly in the middle) like related posts in general.
  3. Support Blogger Theme Designer
    To change the font, color, and other appearance, simply do it through the Blogger Theme Designer. No need to pass HTML code anymore.
  4. Menu and template feature settings can be modified directly from widgets in Layout. No need to bother editing HTML.
  5. Guide to strategic ad placement.
  6. Lazy load Gambar
  7. Sticky sidebar.
  8. Numbered navigation.
  9. A modern, minimalist, simple, yet elegant look.
  10. Valid Struktur data Google.
  11. SEO friendly.
  12. Mobile friendly.
  13. Responsive.
  14. Super light and fast page load time.
  15. Schema markup.
  16. Breadcrumbs.
  17. … others you can check and try yourself.

Download the Latest Fiksioner

Please see the demo blog or directly download the latest free Blogger template Fiksionervia the button below.

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Download Fiksioner Blogger Template

Premium version

In version 3, which was launched on September 1, 2020, Fiksioner already has a paid alias premium version. The price is very affordable, which is Rp. 100,000 only. What’s the difference between the free and paid versions?

Difference between Free and Premium Version

In essence: NOTHING!

Yes, right. 99.9% there is no difference whatsoever. The free and premium versions of the Fiksioner have the same features. Nothing is reduced or exaggerated by one another. Remember, Fiksioner is a premium flavored free Blogger template. So even though you are using the free version, there is nothing to reduce the features you get.

So what’s the difference? The only difference is: the premium Fiksioner can remove the credit link in the footer. I do this because not a few have asked for a premium version so that they are free to remove the link that leads to the Igniel blog.

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When purchasing the premium version, the installation and setup process is carried out as usual. However, you will be given access rights to enter the member area . There, there are two additional steps that must be taken so that the credit link in the footer can be removed, namely:

  1. Adds a license in the template.
  2. Domain verification (add site) in the member area.

This is a simple step that is absolutely necessary. If you feel more complicated and troublesome, it’s better not to buy and use the free version. Whether you want to buy it or not, ALL of the features you get are the same.

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Image documentation

Fiksioner Layout
Fiksioner Layout
Change the font and color of Fiksioner
Change the font and color of Fiksioner

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