RBL Doctor’s SuperCard Review

With their ‘RBL Doctor’s SuperCard,’ RBL has provided a wide range of benefits and features for doctors. It’s a MasterCard credit card with an EMV chip incorporated in. This card has certain characteristics and advantages for doctors. Big Welcome Benefit, Annual Fee Waiver, Movie Benefit, Reward Program, Insurance Coverage, Lounge Access, Milestone Benefit, Fuel Surcharge Waiver, Easy Pin Set Up, Online Control, Add On facility, EMI option, Worldwide Acceptance, EMV Security, and many more are just a few of the card’s amazing features.

RBL Doctor’s SuperCard Eligibility Criteria:

  • Resident Type: Indian. 
  • For salaried person:
    • Age: 21 to 60 yrs. 
    • Income: Above ₹25,000 monthly. 
  • For self-employed person:
    • Age: 21 to 65 yrs. 
    • Income: Above ₹25,000 monthly.
  • Good CIBIL Score (750 or more).

Required Documents For RBL Doctor’s SuperCard:

  • Photocopy of ID Proof (any 1)
    • Aadhar card
    • Voter Card
    • Passport
    • PAN Card
  • Photocopy of Address proof (any 1) 
    • Last 6 months bank account Statement
    • Aadhar Card 
    • Driving License 
    • Passport
    • Utility bill
  • One recent passport-sized photographs
  • Proof of income statement:
    • Salaried Person (any 1)
      • Latest salary slip, (3 months) 
      • ITR
    • Self-employed person
      • Latest Income tax return. 
      • Proof of business
      • Recently audited financial report. 

RBL Doctor’s SuperCard Fee:

  • Joining Fee: ₹999 + GST
  • Annual Fee: ₹999 + GST

RBL Doctor’s SuperCard Benefits:

Welcome benefit:

With the issuance of the card, you will get a gif voucher of ₹1000 as a welcome gift. To get this benefit, you have to pay the joining fee in time and you also have to spend ₹ 2,000 within the first 30 days of the card activation.

Reward benefit:

This card offers 1 reward point for each ₹100 transaction made with this card. You will also get 2X reward points for the same on online transactions. (except on Insurance, Education, and Utilities). 

Lounge access:

This card entitles you to four free visits per year to most of India’s premier airport lounges. You’ll get one free access every quarter at most.

Movie benefit:

When you purchase a movie ticket via BookMyShow, you will receive a free second movie ticket. This discount is valid for tickets purchased through BookMyShow and can be used once per month.

Fuel surcharge waiver:

This card provides up to $100 in fuel surcharge waivers. This promotion is valid at any Indian petrol station. A month’s worth of exemptions is limited to 100.

Insurance coverage:

This card comes with a professional insurance coverage of 20,000 rupees. This coverage is only valid for the first year; to renew it, you must spend a total of 3.5 lakh on your card within a year.

Milestone benefit:

If you can spend Rs. 1 lakh in a year, you will receive a Rs. 2000 gift voucher. In addition, if you reach the 1.5 lakh level, you will receive an additional 1000 gift voucher. Also, if you spend $1,000,000 in a year, your annual charge for the following year will be waived.

Add-on facility:

You can show off the cool features of your cards to your friends and family. Simply add your loved ones to your card (minimum age – 18+) and they will be able to use all of the features of a credit card.

Balance transfer:

You can use this card to transfer the balances of your other cards to achieve a cheaper interest rate.

Instant loan facility:

You may receive a loan against your credit card virtually instantaneously with this card. You can pay it off in monthly instalments. The minimum loan amount is $500, and the processing cost is 2.5 percent.

Easy expense control:

You can set a spending restriction for yourself with the help of the MyCard app. It aids in the creation of a monthly budget.

EMI facility:

You can use this card to convert payments over $3000 into EMIs. For frequent consumers, this function is really useful.

One app for all work:

RBL gives you complete control over your account through the MyCard app, which allows you to perform tasks such as bill payment, statement checking, activity monitoring, EMI payment, pin setup, and more.

Global acceptance:

This card is accepted worldwide, and you can use it at any store or e-commerce site that accepts MasterCard credit cards.

EMV chip card:

A built-in EMV chip is included with this card. Your transactions will be more secure and convenient as a result of it.


  • Cash Withdrawal Charge: 2.5% against the amount, min ₹500.
  • Finance Charge: 3.99% monthly. 
  • Foreign currency transaction: 3.5% against the transacted amount. 

RBL Credit Card Contact Details:

  • Call: 
    • 1800-121-9050 (Toll-Free)
    • +91-22-6232-7777
    • +91-22-7119-0900 (Super Card)
  • Mail:
    • supercardservice@rblbank.com
    • cardservices@rblbank.com

Cashback beta Ratings:


Final Opinion:

If you are a doctor and if you are looking for a credit card that suits your profession then this card can be a good choice for you, you will get ₹20 lakh of professional insurance coverage, reward points on daily card uses, annual fee waiver, lounge access, movie benefit, fuel surcharge waiver, and lots more. This card also offers a lot of other benefits that can make your life a lot easier. 

This card is one of the best doctor’s credit cards available in India. But if you want to spend some more to have some extra benefits then you can go for Doctor’s SBI Card. 

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