How to Change Registered Mobile Number (RMN) in Tata Sky Online?

Hello Guys, in this post we’ll see Tata Sky RMN change or the process the change the registered mobile number in Tata Sky Online to a new number. It is quite simple to change your Registered Mobile Number (RMN) with Tata Sky because you do not need to physically visit a TATA Sky store or wait for days or months to make the changes. Instead, with an existing registered mobile number or without a registered mobile number, you can change your registered mobile number in your Tata Sky in a few clicks online.

In Tata Sky, the abbreviation RMN stands for “registered mobile number.” That is, the mobile number you provided when you registered for your Tata Sky Connection.

RMN with Tata Sky DTH

By registering your mobile number with Tata Sky, you will be able to receive notifications about your balance, new offers, activate/deactivate services in one go via SMS, add/remove channels, order showcase movies, and much more. Additionally, contacting customer service through registered mobile number is quite rapid and requires no additional verification.

This article is completely dedicated to how to change the RMN of Tata Sky, therefore by reading it, you will understand how the process of changing registered mobile numbers in Tata Sky works. Users have also faced the Tata Sky Pairing Error 14.

How to Change Registered Mobile Number in Tata Sky Online

TATA Sky DTH’s online mobile number changing service allows subscribers to alter their registered mobile number with Tata Sky in a matter of seconds. However, if you have lost your Tata Sky registered mobile number and have not previously signed up on, you will not be able to make adjustments through this online approach.

However, if you had previously registered on and have since lost your registered mobile number, you can still utilise this procedure to have your mobile number changed to a new one.

  • Login or register on by entering the Subscriber ID or Mobile Number continuing with the OTP.
  • Further on, You will your name in upper right corner.
  • Click on Drop Down arrow.
  • Scroll the Menu then click on Personal & Contact Details
  • You will be asked to authenticate yourself using your password or an OTP. Choose your preferred choice and fill in the required information.
  • This page will display all of your personal and contact information, as well as your current Tata Sky RMN. Simply click the edit button, which is listed below the page, to modify your registered cellphone number in Tata Sky.
  • Remove the previous mobile number from the Registered Mobile No (RMN) *: box and replace it with your new one. Simply click the Save button at the bottom of the page after inputting a new mobile number.
  • On the next page, a message will be displayed saying Your request has been accepted and will be processed soon!

That’s all; you’ve successfully changed your registered mobile number in Tata Sky. You may now use this new registered mobile number to conduct SMS-based transactions and recharges.

Change RMN in Tata Sky app

  • Install the Tata Sky app on your phone to change your registered mobile number in the app.
  • After you’ve finished installing the tata sky app, open it.
  • To make any changes to your account, you must first log in to your account.
  • To log in, simply press the login button, which can be found on the app’s homepage.
  • Login with Subscriber ID or Mobile Number then Enter the Password or OTP.
  • After Successful Login go to Profile section in the upper right corner where your name appears.
  • Profile>> My Tata Sky >> Profile >> Edit Profile >>Change the RMN (Registered Mobile Number)

The new mobile number you entered will be successfully added to your profile.

If your Tata Sky-registered mobile number (RMN) is lost and you have not previously registered on the Tata Sky website, you can change your registered mobile number in Tata Sky using the alternate procedure described below.

Update Tata Sky Registered Mobile Number (RMN) through

This process of replacing or upgrading a Tata Sky registered cellphone number is convenient for people who have misplaced their old one. To update the lost registered mobile number, you do not need to be signed up on the Tata Sky portal; nevertheless, you must be in front of the Tata Sky Set-top box to change the RMN.

So, let’s have a look at how to change your Tata Sky registered cellphone number if you lose it.

  • To update registered mobile number with Tata Sky visit
  • When you click the above link, a page with a form will appear.
  • You must enter your Tata Sky Subscriber ID in the Update Your Registered Mobile Number (RMN) box (if you don’t know your subscriber id, consult your Subscriber Card or click the yellow button on your Tata Sky remote and select account status).
  • You’ll need to input the new mobile number you want to update or register with your Tata Sky connection in the next field.
  • You’ll need to enter 4 digit codes in the next section, which you can get by hitting the yellow button on your tata sky remote and going to My Info > Your RMN to retrieve your 4 digit code.
  • Click the submit button after entering the four-digit code.

That’s it, the new mobile number will successfully get updated with your Tata Sky connection

Change Tata Sky RMN through IVR

  • Call 1800 420 5577 with your new mobile number that you want to register with your Tata Sky account to change your mobile number using IVR.
  • When requested on the phone, enter your subscriber ID.
  • When prompted to enter a four-digit code, simply press the yellow button on your tata sky remote and navigate to My Info > Your RMN to locate your four-digit number.
  • Your new mobile number from which you are calling will be successfully registered with your Tata Sky after you enter the four-digit code shown.

How to change RMN on Tata Sky via Customer Care or Support

  • Just Call Tata Sky Helpline, request then that you want to change your RMN linked with Tata Sky
  • They will then ask you verification questions like Name, Address, Pin Code, etc. to verify you
  • Once successfully verifying yourself, they will take your request for a change in the mobile number and it would be updated in your account in the next 24 – 48 hours.

This method to change mobile number with Tata Sky Connection can be used even when you are not registered on Tata Sky Portal.

How many times can I change rmn in tata sky?

In Tata Sky, there are no limitations or restrictions on altering your registered mobile number. The RMN in Tata Sky can be updated or changed an endless number of times.

Can I have more then one mobile number registered with Tata Sky?

Tata Sky allows customers to register only one mobile number. Tata Sky, on the other hand, allows you to add four contact lines, one home phone and one work phone, but these will not be considered registered mobile numbers.

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