A Quick Guide to Migrate Gmail to Office 365 on Mac OS?

Gmail or Google Mail is the most widely used and well-known email application in the entire world. Gmail is a free and open-source Google mail service integrated with various customized and useful features. We can easily use Gmail as a default email application for sending and receiving email messages on all Mac devices. It is embedded with multiple rich features that make it one of the most recommended and desired email services.

We can easily organize more than one email account on Gmail and configure them with each other. Also, users can easily migrate Gmail to Office 365 on Mac if they want to switch email applications. Office 365 provides a significant workability option for email communication among all email clients which is developed by Microsoft. Mac users can easily utilize many Office suite services like Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, SharePoint, etc.

In this article, we have explained the method to migrate email from Gmail to Office 365 on Mac OS. But before proceeding with the methods, it is important to know why we will convert Gmail to O365 on Mac. We will discuss some reasons that will clarify the problem.

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What are the Reasons to Migrate Gmail to Office 365 on Mac?

There isn’t any doubt that Gmail is one of the most recognized email service providers for email communication. But it is specifically evolved for general-based users and offers quality features to them. While professional users favor using Office 365 as opposed to Gmail as it offers some business-oriented qualities.

Moreover, there are various reasons listed below to migrate Google mail to Office 365 on Mac.

  • It enhances business or commercial enterprise productivity.
  • Office 365 gives several advantages to businesses in phrases of time and OPEX.
  • The brilliant feature of Office 365 cloud server encourages the users to migrate Gmail to Office 365.
  • Office 365 leverages the benefit of technological advantages that AL and ML give today.
  • Office 365 is configured with advanced security features like litigation hold,  anti-spoofing, auditing, encryption, and multi-factor authentication.

These are different aspects due to which many professional users migrate to Office 365. Now after the reasons, we will discuss the possible method through which users can convert Gmail to Office 365 on Mac.

Manual Method to Import Gmail email to O365 on Mac OS

If we talk about the solution then it is important to choose the right technique to get the desired result. There is a manual method that can be implemented to migrate Gmail to Office 365 on Mac. Users can export Gmail emails to Mac Office 365 by performing these steps. So look at the steps carefully that have been mentioned below.

  • Open MS Office 365 on Mac and sign in.
  • Click on Outlook from the top of the Mac menu.
  • Select the Preference option from the drop-down list to migrate email from Gmail to Office 365 on Mac.
  • Now, select the Account option from Personal Setting and open it.
  • Click on the add sign(+) from the bottom left corner of the window and press on New account.
  • Then, enter your Gmail credentials and press the Continue button.
  • Choose the Provider option and click on Gmail to migrate Gmail to Office 365 on Mac.
  • Now, select the added Gmail account and click on the Allow button to add Gmail to Outlook Mac.

Hope you have understood how to migrate Gmail labels to Office 365? By performing these steps users can import Gmail emails to Office 365 on Mac OS. However, the manual method has certain limitations that are often faced by users.

Manual Method Limitations to Convert Gmail to Office 365 on Mac

Users can go with the manual technique to import Gmail emails to O365 on Mac. But it is not supposed to be a quick and effective solution. Users might face some difficulties while performing the steps. Let’s talk about some limitations of the manual approach to migrate Gmail to Office 365 on Mac.

  • Users can not migrate the complete Gmail mailbox to Office 365 using the manual method.
  • Any single error while executing the procedure might result in the failure of the complete migration process.
  • It is not a suitable approach for users who have less technical knowledge.
  • The manual method to migrate Google mail to Office 365 is very time-consuming and lengthy.
  • Users cannot export only selected emails and attachments to Office 365 on Mac.

The manual process is not suitable to get efficient and accurate results. Most of the users and experts prefer professional solutions to avoid such limitations. Gmail Backup Tool for Mac is a trusted professional solution that easily imports Gmail email to Office 365 on Mac. An automated solution results in an effective and efficient migration process with high data security. Users can also perform selective email migration and save email attachments in a separate folder.


In this guide, we have discussed the manual method to migrate Gmail to Office 365 on Mac. We have also given the reason why people migrate from Gmail to Office 365. The manual technique has various limitations due to which users switch to the professional method. It is the most opted and reliable solution by many users and experts to import Gmail emails to Mac O365. The professional method delivers 100% accurate results by maintaining the original folder hierarchy throughout the process. 

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