Flipkart Kya Bolti Public Quiz Answers Today – Season 4

Here are Kya Bolti Public Season 3 Flipkart Answers Today:

E41: Paratha: Gobi ke ya Aloo?

Indians are more anticipated about which movie?
Answer: Sooryavanshi

Which version of Paratha is loved by Indians?
Answer: Aloo Paratha

Who is India’s favorite cricket commentator?
Answer: Aakash Chopra

E40: Apple Vs OnePlus

With which actress did Ranbir look best on screen?
Answer: Ranbir and Anushka in ADHM

Should the minimum age for smoking be 21?
Answer: YES

Which brand of phone does India prefer?
Answer: Apple

E39: Alia in Hollywood

Which cricketer has a better physique?
Answer: Virat Kohli

Among the new-gen Bollywood actresses who should make their Hollywood debut?
Answer: Alia Bhatt

What is India’s favorite dish during winters?
Answer: Gaajar ka Halwa

E38: Bollywood’s Cute Couples

Do Indians spend more than 3 hours on mobile?
Answer: Yes

Which of these shows is more nostalgic?
Answer: Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabi Bahu Thi

Which of these bollywood couple make a cuter couple?
Answer: Kiara and Siddharth

E37: Madhuri ya Sridevi?

Who is more iconic dancer?
Answer: Madhuri Dixit

Which of these subject is least favourite subject in school?
Answer: History

Which breed of dog does Indian prefer to keep as pet?
Answer: German Shepherd

E36: McD ya KFC

Who is Indias favorite Naagin actress?
Answer: Mouni Roy

Is odd-even rule the right tactic to fix air pollution?
Answer: Yes

Which is your favorite burger joint?
Answer: KFC

E35: Antakshari ya Charades?

Which game do people prefer to play in a picnic?
Answer: Antakshri

Can women live without buying clothes for a year?
Answer: No

Will it be necessary to wear a mask after getting vaccinated?
Answer: Yes

E34: Masala ya Green Tea? 

Which version of tea is India’s favorite?
Answer: Green tea

Which of the Sushant Singh movie is Indias favorite?
Answer: Ms Dhoni the untold story

Do we believe in love at first sight?
Answer: Yes

E33: Bol Bacchan 

Who is India’s favourite celebrity chef?
Answer: Vikas Khanna

Will Joe Biden turn out to be a better president?
Answer: YES

Should Amitabh Bacchan voice be removed from covid-19 callertune?
Answer: YES

E32: Bollywood Mommies

Which was the most popular meme of 2020?
Answer: Rasode Mein Kaun Tha memes

After marriage what kind of families does one prefer to stay in?
Answer: Joint Family

Which Bollywood mommy is hotter?
Answer: Kareena Kapoor Khan

E31: Kangana ya Deepika?

Do Indians take pictures before taking food?
Answer: No

Which bollywood celebrity should join the politics?
Answer: Deepika Padukone

Which bollywood sequel is most awaited?
Answer: Bhool bhulaiya 2

E30: Timeless Beauties

Which actress has aged more gracefully?
Answer: Rekha

Do Indians take showers daily during winters?
Answer: Yes

Indians would pet which wild animal?
Answer: Panda

E29: Style Diva Kiara

Does India believe that covid 19 pandemic can end completely?
Answer: yes

Which bollywood diva has the best style quotient?
Answer: kiara advani

Which is the most common excuse given during work from home?
Answer: internet not working

E28: Taarak vs CID?

Which of these characters of Kareena Kapoor is India’s favourite?
Answer: Geet from Jab we met

Who is better at remembering dates?
Answer: Women

Which TV series do Indians prefer to watch with family?
Answer: Tarak Mehta

E27: Mahindra ya Toyota?

Which is India’s favourite Ranveer Singh’s performance?
Answer: Bajirao from Bajirao Mastani

Should mental health get the same importance as physical health?
Answer: Yes

Which car does India prefer for a family road trip?
Answer: Toyota Innova


When Indians fall sick what is their go-to home remedy?
Answer: Drink Turmeric Milk

Who is a more preferred date option?
Answer: Sushmita Sen

Which of these activities human must prioritize first to save the environment?
Answer: Plant Trees

E25: New Year, ‘New Me’ 

Which of these is a more common resolution for new year?
Answer: Save Money

Who is the more popular student of the year 2 actress?
Answer: Ananya Pandey

Do Indians prefer having a password for their phone?
Answer: Yes

E24: Swagat karo hamara

Which of these Salman’s Avatar is more popular?
Answer: Dabangg sunglasses

Who’s more popular indian comedian?
Answer: Carry minati

Which is a better college snack?
Answer: Maggi

E23: Hakka ya Spaghetti?

Who is a bigger heartthrob?
Answer: Kartik Aaryan

What’s the first thing people do when they wake up?
Answer: Check your Phone

Which cuisine is more preferred while dining out?
Answer: Chinese

E22: Kuch Meetha Ho Jaye

which is more romantic to witness with partners?
Answer: sunset

which desert is more prefered?
Answer: chocolate

who is indias favourite comedian?
Answer: kapil sharma

E21: Jadoo ki Jhappi

Which punjabi singer is more soulful?
Answer: Guru Randhawa

What is better way of showing affection?
Answer: Hug

Which cartoons do Indians like more?
Answer: Tom and Jerry

E20: CoupleGoals Virushka

Which couple look more cute?
Answer: Virat-Anushka

Which of these permanent accesory do Indians prefer?
Answer: tatoo

Which show is more entertaining?
Answer: Kaun Banega Cororepati

E19: Makeup: Yes or No?

Which of these star kids debut India is waiting for?
Answer: Aryan Khan

Which of these is more important for the development of our country?
Answer: Education

How do Indians like to see their parents?
Answer: Without makeup

E18: Jacqueline ya Sara?

What does India prefer to do while attending a wedding?
Answer: Hit the dance floor

What is the first thing people notice when they meet someone for the first time?
Answer: Smile

Whose workout picture is better?
Answer: Jacqueline Fernandez

E17: Paratha ya Poha? 

Which of these destination is more popular?
Answer: paris

Should only men pay on a date?
Answer: no

Which dish is more popular?
Answer: paratha

E16: Cooking Competition

Who is a better cook?
Answer: Women

PUB G ban should be lifted?
Answer: No

Which SRK film is more popular?
Answer: Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

E15: Pizza ya Burger?

Which is the ultimate Bollywood love song?
Answer: Tum Hi Ho

What is India’s favorite fast food?
Answer: Pizza

Which days is more important for Indians?
Answer: Mother’s day

E14: Gym ya Yoga

What do Indians prefer for weight loss?
Answer: Yoga

Where would you take your partner on the first date?
Answer: Movies

Which of these sports do Indians find more adventurous?
Answer: Sky diving

E13: The Fashion Adda

What kind of social services do Indians want to do?
Answer: Feed People

Which of these Bollywood movies should be recreated?
Answer: Mera Naam Joker

What kind of jeans is more preferred?
Answer: Skinny Jeans

E12: North Chai or South Coffee? 

Where do Indians spend most of their money?
Answer: Food

What does India prefer to drink?
Answer: Tea

Most of Indians are?
Answer: Punctual

E11: Hera Pheri ya Dhamaal?

Which of these household chores is more important?
Answer: Cooking

Which cafe is more preferred in India?
Answer: Cafe Coffee Day

Which movie is enjoyed the most?

E10: Ludo ya Carrom? Flipkart Answers

Which is Indias favorite dessert?
Answer: Gulab Jamun

What is better for taking notes?
Answer: Phone

Which indoor game is preferred?
Answer: Ludo

E9: Badshah ya Eminem?

Who spends more time on phone?
Answer: Children

Which Bollywood actor looks better with Sara Ali Khan?
Answer: Karthik Aryan

Which of these is preferred for ringtones?
Answer: Hindi Songs

E8: TOI ya Arnab? Flipkart Answers

Which medium is better for news?
Answer: newspaper

Which one is preferred the most?
Answer: Pani puri

Which is India’s favorite movie?
Answer: Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

E7: Tinder pe coffee? Flipkart Answers

What time of the day do Indians prefer to work?
Answer: Early Morning

What type of dating do Indians prefer?
Answer: Traditional Dating

Who has a better physique?
Answer: Hrithik Roshan

E6: Phone Battery ya Camera? Flipkart Answers

Which life is affected during lockdown?
Answer: professional life

Which feature is more important in mobile phone?
Answer: long battery life

What does India Prefer?
Answer: long hair

E5: Dhoni Vs Kohli Flipkart Answers

Which of these movies inspires Indians to go on a trip?
Answer: Zindagi Na Milegi Dubara

What do Indian women generally wear for festivities?
Answer: Saree

Which cricketers swag does Indian like more?
Answer: M.S. Dhoni Helicopter Shot

E4: Phone vs Wallet Flipkart Answers

Which of these would you not leave home without?
Answer: phone

How does India prefer communicating?
Answer: audio call

How does Indian experiment with look?
Answer: hair cut

E3: Auto Vs Bus Flipkart Answers

What does Indians prefer?
Answer: Work from Home

Which public transport is prefereed by Indians?
Answer: Bus

Which of Khan’s movies is most waited?
Answer: Salman Khan’s Radhe

E2: Naram Garam Flipkart Answers

Which is Indias favorite season?
Answer: Winter

Which of Akshay Kumar’s movie has inspired India the most?
Answer: Padman

What is the preferred mode of transport of Indians?
Answer: Flight

E1: Online ya Offline? Flipkart Answers

Which form of shopping is preferred by Indians?
Answer: Online shopping

Which is the most loved Indian celebrity couple who got married recently
Answer: Neha and Rohan Preeth

Does India support farmers protest?
Answer: Yes

E42: Sunglasses ya Watches?

Are Indians comfortable sleeping in pitch darkness?
Answer: YES

Who is Indias favourite Bigg Boss contestant?
Answer: Rakhi Sawant

Which fashionable accessory is more important?
Answer: Sunglasses

E43: Yoga ya Shilpa?

Who is a more popular choice as a yoga companion?
Answer: Baba Ramdev

Favourite place to eat with friends?
Answer: 5-Star Hotel

Do Indians keep passwords on their phone?
Answer: YES

E44: SidNaz ya RubiNav?

Which mobile network is preferred the most?
Answer: Jio

Which TV couple is more loved in India?
Answer: Siddharth and Shehnaz

Which side of the family are we more attached to?
Answer: Father’s Side

E45: Arnab ya Rajdeep?

What is the favorite dish of North India?
Answer: Rajma Chawla

Who is a better news anchor?
Answer: Arnab Goswami

What is the most memorable thing about school?
Answer: Lunch with friends

E46: Spiderman ya Batman?

Who is more popular superhero?
Answer: Spider-man

Which of these life was more enjoyable?
Answer: School life

Which cricketer future looks brighter?
Answer: Subhman Gill

E47: Sahi ya Palak Paneer? 

Who is a better singer?
Answer: Lata Mangeshkar

Will Mumbai Indians win IPL 2021?
Answer: Yes

What is Indias favorite paneer dish?
Answer: Shahi Paneer

E48: Humour vs Intelligence

What is that quality the we want in our partner?
Answer: Intelligence

Which of these animals is cuter?
Answer: Rabbit

Which on-screen pair looks better together?
Answer: Varun Dhawan & Alia Bhatt

E49: Back to School?

Which source of information we trust more?
Answer: Google

Should schools reopen now?
Answer: YES

Which type of reality shows are liked by Indians?
Answer: Dancing

E50: TV Host: Big B ya Bhai

Who is India’s favorite television show host?
Answer: Amitabh Bachchan

Which of these is more important?
Answer: Brushing teeth

Which is India’s favorite Lay’s flavor?
Answer: Magic masala

E51: Party or Club?

Which of these street food is tastier?
Answer: Momos

Which of these is a better gift at weddings?
Answer: Household supplies

What’s an ideal party plan?
Answer: house party

E52: Movies: Horror or Comedy?

Which genre of movie is more popular?
Answer: Comedy

Which Dry Fruit is better?
Answer: Badam

What is the right age to get married?
Answer: 25 years to 28 years

E53: Chocolate: Dark ya Milk?

Who has played a more prominent role in our life?
Answer: Parents

What do most people use while taking bath?
Answer: Soap

What kind of chocolates are liked by people?
Answer: Milk chocolate

E54: Dancer: Jacqueline ya Nora?

With whom do Indians prefer to spend valentine’s day with?
Answer: Best friend

Which actress dance moves looks the best?
Answer: Nora Fatehi

Will you maintain a friendship with ex?
Answer: Yes

E55: Mango ya Watermelon?

Which summer fruit is loved more by Indians?
Answer: Mango

While earning on our own should we accept money from parents
Answer: NO

Which attire is more suitable for office?
Answer: Indian look

E56: Housie ya Uno?

Who is a better director?
Answer: Karan Johar

Which popcorn flavor is more popular?
Answer: cheese popcorn

Which game is more favorite with family?
Answer: Housie

E57: Padhaku ya Backbencher? 

What kind of career do Indians opt for?
Answer: Follow your passion

What would you rather be?
Answer: Class Monitor

Which pizza is better?
Answer: Cheese burst

E58: Bored with Chores! 

Which biscuit tastes better with tea?
Answer: Rusk

Which household chores is more boring?
Answer: Washing dishes

Which of these couples in more popular?
Answer: Akshay Kumar – twinkle khanna

E59: B-Town’s Hot Couples

Which Bollywood couple should get married next?
Answer: Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani

Which of these things will be more difficult to quit?
Answer: Junk Food

Which of these things should be banned?
Answer: Smoking

E60: Trendy: Ranveer ya Ranbir?

Who is more strict?
Answer: Father (papa)

Which of these is more stylish?
Answer: Ranveer Singh

Which ice cream is more popular?
Answer: Mango

E61: Digital or Photo Album

Who is these bollywood actors is more underrated?
Answer: Manoj Bajpayee

Which is a better way to store photographs?
Answer: Photo Albums

Which of these habits is worse?
Answer: Dishonesty

E62: Hritik in Hollywood?

Which Bollywood star can become a Hollywood star?
Answer: Hrithik Roshan

Which mode of payment is preferred by most people?
Answer: Credit/debit card

Which biopic is more awaited?
Answer: Kangana Ranaut as Indira Gandhi

E63: Passion: Acting ya Singing?

Which TV host is hotter?
Answer: Karan Kundra

What you want to become?
Answer: Singer

Are dating apps waste of time?
Answer: no

E64: Piercing: Eyebrow ya Chin?

Who is more entertaining?
Answer: Kangana Ranaut

Where would you prefer to be pierced?
Answer: Eyebrows piercing

What kind of videos you would prefer to watch?
Answer: Animal videos

E65: Bhoot pe Bharosa!

Which pizza outlet is better?
Answer: Domino’s

Do indians believe in ghost?
Answer: Yes

Who has a better airport look?
Answer: Katrina Kaif

E66: Teacher se Pyar?

Which form of martial art is more interesting?
Answer: Kung fu

Did you ever had a crush on a teacher?
Answer: Yes

Which vegetable is most disliked?
Answer: Karela

E67: Prabhas ya Rana?

During wedding should the groom also put mehendi?
Answer: Yes

Who is a better actor?
Answer: Prabhas

Which South Indian dish is better?
Answer: Dosa sambhar

E68: Bar ya Barbeque? 

What would you choose?
Answer: Rs 1 lakh

Which luxury item would you want in your house?
Answer: Barbeque setup

Which celebrity baby name is cuter?
Answer: Vamika

E69: KJo’s Favorite Students

Which ‘student of the year’ trio is better?
Answer: Alia-Varun-Siddharth

On which of these days we find it difficult to go to the office?
Answer: Monday

For whose wedding you would be more excited?
Answer: Best Friend

E70: Live-in ya Long-Distance

Which cartoon character has a better physique?
Answer: Popeye

Should couples stay in a live-in relationship before marriage?
Answer: No

Which actor among 90s era was more entertaining?
Answer: Salman Khan

E71: YouTube Vs Instagram

In which family would you like to be born?
Answer: Kapoors

Which of these is more addictive?
Answer: YouTube videos

Where would you like to live after retirement?
Answer: Bungalow

E72: Love at Second Sight? 

Which mother-daughter duo is better?
Answer: Amrita Singh and Sara Ali Khan

Can love happen twice?
Answer: YES

What would you choose after winning a toss in a cricket match?
Answer: Batting

E73: Badshah ya Honey Singh 

Which ipl captain has better physique?
Answer: KL Rahul

Who is a more popular singer?
Answer: Yo yo honey Singh

Which of these 90s games were more popular?
Answer: Super Mario

E74: Concert: Arijit ya Diljit?

Whose concert would you like to attend?
Answer: Arijit Singh

Do Indians support Paternity leave policy?
Answer: Yes

What do you prefer in your meal?
Answer: Roti

E75: Sweatshirt ya Overcoat?

Which place is better for a destination wedding?
Answer: Fort

Which actor plays female character better?
Answer: Sunil Grover

Which attire looks better in winter?
Answer: Sweatshirt

E76: Chak De! India ya Dangal?

Which actress has portrayed the role of Komolika better?
Answer: Hina Khan

Is 2000 note inconvenient to use?
Answer: Yes

Which sports movie is better?
Answer: Chak De India

E77: The Kapoor Sisters

Which of the sister duo is more popular?
Answer: Kareena and Karishma Kapoor

What helps you to make your mood better?
Answer: Good music

Which Apple product is more popular?
Answer: IPad

E78: Gym Look: Kiara or Rakul?

Which of the following league’s tickets do you want to buy?
Answer: Indian Super league

Which of these is most likely to be trusted?
Answer: Astrology

Whose gym look u like the most?
Answer: Rakul Preet Singh

E79: Honeymoon: Desh ya Videsh?

Where would u like to go on ur honeymoon?
Answer: India

Which onscreen couple are missed more?
Answer: Anurag-Prerna

What kind of quality do you look for in a friend?
Answer: Communicator

E80: Jamun ya Rasmalai

Which of these movies you would like to re-watch with your family?
Answer: Hera Pheri

Have you ever seen a shooting star and made a wish?
Answer: YES

Which Sweet is tastier?
Answer: Gulab Jamun

E81: Bread: Butter ya Jam?

Who has a better smile?
Answer: Kartik Aaryan

What goes best with bread?
Answer: Butter

What is technology for us?
Answer: Technology is helpful

E82: Friends ya Family?

Which father-daughter duo is more popular?
Answer: Ananya & Chunky Pandey *

With whom would you like to discuss your problems first?
Answer: Friends

Which kind of parties do you like to attend?
Answer: Cocktail Party

E83: Saina ya Sania?

Which of these is more convenient?
Answer: 10 rupees note

Which sports personality is more popular?
Answer: Sania Mirza

What would you like to become?
Answer: Maestro in music

E84: Hotstar ya PVR?

Will ott platform take over movie theatre?
Answer: Yes

What do you use more in your text messages?
Answer: Emojis

Whose career looks more promising?
Answer: Shweta Tripathi

E85: Momos ya Pizza?

Whose online content is better?
Answer: Ashish Chanchlani

Which of these dishes should be banned?
Answer: Chocolate momos

Which of these things you always carry in your bags?
Answer: Condoms

E86: Mocktail ya Sangria? 

Should the content on digital platform go under censorship?
Answer: Yes

Which of these is a more popular cold beverage?
Answer: Mocktail

Who is a better on-screen teacher?
Answer: Miss chandani

E87: Fries ya Mashed Potato?

Whose wedding outfit was better?
Answer: Varun & Natasha

Which of these activities is more enjoyable?
Answer: Cycling

Which side dish is more preferable?
Answer: Fries

E88: Movie: horror ya Drama?

Which Vidya Balan movie ts better?
Answer: Bhool bhulaiyaa

Who would you want as a friend?
Answer: Fashion expert

Which snacks is better?
Answer: Aloo bhujia

E89: Pastime: Friends ya Movies?

Who is a better anchor turned actor?
Answer: Maniesh Paul

What is the best way to relax after a long day?
Answer: Spend time with friends

Which of these insects is scarier?
Answer: Honeybee

E90: Career: Business ya Naukri 

What would you like to become?
Answer: Sabse funny

What would you like to have?
Answer: Own business

What do you like more?
Answer: Bluetooth headphones

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