Flipkart Kya Bolti Public Quiz Answers Today – All Episodes

100% Correct Kya Bolti Public Flipkart Answers today for Season 4 All Episodes revealed. Batao Janta ki Soch and do Sawal Jawab with India. With Season 4, Flipkart Kya Bolti Public, one of the oldest and most popular shows on Flipkart’s video platform, returns. Season 3 was first introduced by Flipkart, who then decided to rebroadcast a few episodes before pulling the plug permanently.

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While Flipkart Video has changed the host, the show’s format will remain mostly unchanged. The host will ask three questions, the answers to which will have previously been surveyed. Participants must just choose the correct option and match their response to the word “public.” If you are successful in matching your answer to the opinion poll, you will be eligible to win exciting prizes. Below are given the Kya Bolti Public Flipkart Answers Today.

How To Play Kya Bolti Public Quiz?

Also, to participate in the Kya Bolti Public Flipkart Answers today Season 4, you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Firstly, Download The Flipkart App from here On Your Device.
  • Then, Open The Flipkart App.
  • Finally, Head Over To The ‘Game Zone’ Section And Click On The ‘Quiz Banner’.
  • Check below Kya Bolti Public Flipkart Answers today and submit the same answer on the App.

In fact, one of our users has won a Infinix Smartphone from the Kya Bolti Public Flipkart Answers today.

What is Flipkart Kya Bolti Public Quiz and how to find it?

On the video part of the app, Flipkart Kya Bolti Public is a daily quiz. It’s one of Walmart’s e-commerce company’s many video contests. The video quiz is, as its name suggests, based on popular opinion. The quiz’s host will ask questions to the participants, and the answer with the highest percentage response will be chosen as the correct answer.

Participants must now choose those responses during the presentation in order to be eligible for the prizes. As part of the prize package, the winners will receive smartphones, Flipkart gift cards, and supercoins. This is the show’s third season, according to Flipkart, and it’s unclear how many episodes there will be.

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Kya Bolti Public Flipkart Answers Today

Here are the Kya Bolti Public Season 4 Flipkart Answers Today:

S4 Episode 63

Q1: Who do people think is a better dancer?

Answer 1: (A) Nora Fatehi

Q2: Which side of the family do people like more?

Answer 2: (B) Maternal

Q3: Should children below 8 have access to mobile phones?

Answer 3: (B) No

S4 Episode 62

Q1: What do people think are 2000 rupee notes are of any use?

Answer 1: (A) Yes

Q2: What percentage of people prefer living with their parents?

Answer 2: (A) 80-90%

Q3: Who do people follow more on social media?

Answer 3: (B) Influencers

S4 Episode 61

Q1: Where would people prefer to go on a vacation?

Answer 1: (B) GOA

Q2: What kind of coffee do people prefer to drink?

Answer 2: (A) Hot Coffee

Q3: Can people who have taken both vaccines to avoid wearing masks?

Answer 3: (B) No

S4 Episode 60

Q1: What do people prefer traditional watches or smartwatches?

Answer 1: (B) Smartwatch

Q2: What do people prefer watching t20 or ipl?

Answer 2: (B) IPL

Q3: What percentage of people play the new version of pubg?

Answer 3: (B) 30-40%

S4 Episode 59

Q1: Where do people like to go out and eat?

Answer 1: (A) Different Restau

Q2: What percent of people think film awards are fixed?

Answer 2: (B) 60-70%

Q3: Do people enjoy watching Hindi dubbed South Indian movies on tv?

Answer 3: (A) Yes

S4 Episode 58 

Q1: What kind of lighting do people prefer in a room?

Answer 1: (A) Yellow Lights

Q2: What do kids prefer to do?

Answer 2: (B) Watch Youtube

Q3: Which hairstyle suits more on women?

Answer 3: (B) Hair Open

S4 Episode 57

Q1: Are people scared of darkness?

Answer 1: (B) No

Q2: What percent of people can fall asleep anywhere?

Answer 2: (A) 50-60%

Q3: Who do people gossip more with?

Answer 3: (A) Colleagues

S4 Episode 56

Q1: What percent of people pretend to be sick to prolong their leave for a long weekend?

Answer 1: (A) 60-70% 

Q2: Which one do men prefer more?

Answer 2: (B) Razor

Q3: What do people prefer?

Answer 3: (B) iPad

S4 Episode 55

Q1: What kind of earphones do people prefer?

Answer 1: (B) Wireless

Q2: Do people think bullet trains are a waste of money?

Answer 2: (B) No

Q3: Do people think cigarette smoking should be completely banned in India?

Answer 3: (A) Yes

S4 Episode 54

Q1: Which is a better instrument to play?

Answer 1: (A) Guitar

Q2: What do people prefer having for breakfast?

Answer 2: (B) Paratha

Q3: What type of friend do people prefer more?

Answer 3: (A) Loyal Friend

S4 Episode 53

Q1: Who is a better dancer?

Answer 1: (B) Hritik Roshan

Q2: Who’s poetry do people prefer to listen?

Answer 2: (B) Javed Akhar

Q3: What percent of people have had a crush on their boss?

Answer 3: (B) 30-40%

S4 Episode 52

Q1: Which era do people like more?

Answer 1: (A) 90’s

Q2: What clothes’ do people prefer to wear?

Answer 2: (A) Colorful Shades

Q3: What percent of people think that girls should change their surname post marriage?

Answer 3: (A) 20-30%

S4 Episode 51

Q1: What percent of boys like girls with long hair

Answer 1: (A) 70-80%

Q2: Which srk movie do people like more?

Answer 2: (B) Kuch Kuch Hota Hai 

Q3: How do people prefer to travel in the mountain

Answer 3: (A) Bike Ride

S4 Episode 50

Q1: What time of the day do people prefer to go for a walk?

Answer 1: (B) Evening

Q2: Who do you think is a better Bollywood father?

Answer 2: (A) Shahrukh Khan

Q3: What percent of people take home hotel toiletries at the time of checkout?

Answer 3: (A) 60-70%

S4 Episode 49

Q1: What do people prefer?

Answer 1: (A) Live DJ

Q2: Do you think the Statue of Unity in Gujarat is a waste of money?

Answer 2: (B) No

Q3: Which Bollywood couple complement each other better?

Answer 3: (A) Ranbir- Alia

S4 Episode 48

Q1: Have you ever gotten fired from a job?

Answer 1: (A) No

Q2: What percent of people have been victims of office politics?

Answer 2: (A) 80-90%

Q3: Which devar-bhabhi Bollywood jodi do you like?

Answer 3: (A) Anil Shridevi

S4 Episode 47

Q1: How do you shop for your grocery

Answer 1: (A) Online Shopping

Q2: Do you play along quiz shows that air on tv

Answer 2: (A) Yes

Q3: What do people like more

Answer 3: (B) Palak Paneer

S4 Episode 46

Q1: Are you super superstitious about a black cat croosing your path?

Answer 1: (A) No

Q2: What percent of people remove their shoes before entering their house?

Answer 2: (A) 60-70

Q3: Do you still have a landline phone?

Answer 3: (B) No

S4 Episode 45

Q1: What are you most likely to lose?

Answer 1: (B) Keys

Q2: What percent of people can read Devanagari script?

Answer 2: (B) 70-80

Q3: Should the government make sanitary pads free of cost?

Answer 3: (A) Yes

S4 Episode 44

Q1: How many times do you brush your teeth?

Answer 1: (B) Twice A Day

Q2: Should schools be fully opened for kids now?

Answer 2: (A) Yes

Q3: Can Indian cook international dishes?

Answer 3: (A) Yes

S4 Episode 43

Q1: What would you rather see

Answer 1: (A) Your Own Future

Q2: How do you prefer sleeping

Answer 2: (A) On Your Back

Q3: Who would you rather go to dinner with

Answer 3: (B) The Kapoors

S4 Episode 42

Q1: What percent of people buy ayurvedic medicine?

Answer 1: (B) 40-50%

Q2: What is a must-have in your dream house?

Answer 2: (B) Balcony With A View

Q3: What do people prefer to give as a wedding gift?

Answer 3: (B) Cash

S4 Episode 41

Q1: Have you ever had a crush on your teacher?

Answer: (B) No

Q2: What percent of people can speak more than 3 languages?

Answer: (B) 50-60%

Q3: Which would be your dream proposal place?

Answer: (B) Eiffel Tower

S4 Episode 40

Q1: Which situation will embarrass you more

Answer 1: (B) Continuous Hiccups

Q2: What percent of people hate karela

Answer 2: (A) 70-80%

Q3: What kind of wedding would you prefer having

Answer 3: (A) Big Fat Indian Wedding

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