Flipkart Sirf Ek Minute Quiz Answers Today – All Episodes

Here all right Flipkart Sirf Ek Minute Answers Today (Baazi Ek Minute Ki) are given below. Play Sirf Ek Minute Flipkart Answers now, also it is the Flipkart’s new video quiz show. Firstly, Flipkart Video has premiered the this Quiz contest from 16th July to 13th October 2021. So after a long period, this new show has launched and will run for 90 days. Flipkart will use the quiz show to further its push beyond commerce and into social commerce and social connections.

You can see All Flipkart Quiz Answers Today. All Quiz answers at one place that too fast.

Firstly, In this post I’m going to show you the Flipkart Sirf Ek Minute of all episodes. Also, all the answers are 100% correct. We have also, revealed all the Episode Answers in this post.

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About Sirf Ek Minute Flipkart Quiz

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Flipkart Sirf Ek Minute Quiz Show

Firstly, The Sirf Ek Minute Quiz is about answering correct answers of the quiz show. Also, the host of the show, Shardul will ask 6 questions in each episode, the users will be give options to choose from. You are eligible to win a reward if you score all 6 correct answers in the episode.

Sirf Ek Minute Prizes Revealed

  • OPPO Reno 6 Pro (1 winner)
  • Rs 1,000 Gift Voucher (20 winners)
  • Rs 50 Gift Voucher (500 winners)
  • 15 Supercoins (1,000 winners)
  • 10 Supercoins (2,000 winners)
  • 5 Supercoins (Remaining winners)
  • 1 Supercoin (Remaining winners)

Winning Process of Sirf Ek Minute Quiz


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  • Finally, head over to the ‘Game Zone’ Section and click on the ‘Flipkart Sirf Ek Minute Quiz’ banner.
  • Below are given Sirf Ek Minute Flipkart Answers All Episodes
  • Tip: Play quiz as soon as possible, there is no perfect timing.

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Flipkart Sirf Ek Minute Answers Today

Episode 141 -Fizz Ka Mazza

Q1: Which of these is a medical institute?

Answer 1: (C) AIIMS

Q2: What is the currency of most of the countries in the European Union region?

Answer 2: (D) EURO

Q3: What is the full form of the government body CBI?


Q4: Which of these is associated with tracking records held by Indians and also the name of a soft drink?

Answer 4: (C) LIMCA

Q5: Marina is a famous beach in which Indian city?

Answer 5: (D) CHENNAI

Q6: Which of these is not a science and educational channel?

Answer 6: (B) POGO

Episode 140 –  A WALK IN SPACE

Q1: Which team won the 2021 icc Men’s T20 world cup

Answer 1: (B) AUSTRALIA

Q2: Bhopal’s world-class Habibganj railway station has been renamed after which of these royalty?


Q3: In November 2021 Wang Yaping became the first Chinese woman to do what?

Answer 3: (A) WALK IN SPACE

Q4: Which country is involved in an ongoing civil war called ‘Tigray War’?

Answer 4: (A) ETHIOPIA

Q5: Which of these is not one of the movies in Rohit Shetty’s Cop Universe?


Q6: Which of these is not a rank in the Indian Army?

Answer 6: (C) ADMIRAL

Episode 139 – The Lion Of Punjab

Q1: Which of these is not a Japanese martial art?

Answer 1: (A) KARATE

Q2: In which dance form does the dancer have elaborate face paint and costume?

Answer 2: (B) KATHAKALI

Q3: Which actor played the role of Jack in movie Titanic?

Answer 3: (A) LEONARDO

Q4: Which Punjabi popstar made his Bollywood acting debut in the 2016 film Udta Punjab?

Answer 4: (D) DILJIT

Q5: Which of these countries’ flags does not have stars on them?

Answer 5: (C) BANGLADESH

Q6: What is a word that spells the same backward and forwards called?

Answer 6: (B) PALINDROME

Episode 138 – Videshi Cartoon

Q1: Which of these is issued by the ministry of external affairs?

Answer 1: (A) PASSPORT

Q2: Anime is a form of cartoons of which country?

Answer 2: (A) JAPAN

Q3: In cricket what is a fast full toss above the waist called?

Answer 3: (C) BEAMER

Q4: India observes anti-terrorism day on May 21 st on the death anniversary of which Indian pm?

Answer 4: (B) RAJIV GANDHI

Q5: Recipients of the 2021 Nobel peace prize maria Tessa and Dmitri muratov belong to which of these professions?

Answer 5: (A) JOURNALIST

Q6: After which former Indian prime minister is the airport at the Lucknow named?

Answer 6: (A) CHARN SINGH

Episode 137 – Selfie Le Le Re

Q1: What is the name of the person who makes the BB Ki Vines videos?

Answer 1: (B) BHUVAN BAM

Q2: The Star Sports ad campaign for India vs Pak World Cup match in 2015 is popular by what two-word name? 

Answer 2: (A) MOUKA-MOUKA

Q3: Which color does the South African cricket team wear in ODIS?

Answer 3: (B) GREEN

Q4: What is the name for the camera feature which shoots long hours of footage in a few frames?

Answer 4: (C) TIMELAMPS

Q5: Which form of art is Pandit Birju Maharaj famous for?

Answer 5: (B) DANCING

Q6: What does ‘D’ in ‘CD’ and the second ‘D’ in ‘DVD’ stand for?

Answer 6: (D) DISC

Episode 136 – Journey Of Sabyasachi

Q1: In which of these places is the sunburn festival held?

Answer 1: (B) GOA

Q2: Which of these is not an Indian fashion designer?

Answer 2: (C) REMO D’SOUZA

Q3: Which of these is not a furniture brand?

Answer 3: (C) TVS

Q4: Which of these companies makes bedroom linens and sheets?

Answer 4: (B) BAMBAY DIENG

Q5: Which govt campaign focuses on promoting Indian products?


Q6: A tollywood movie would be in which language

Answer 6: (C) TELEGU

Episode 135 – Man Vs Wild

Q1: What insect gives its name to a stroke in the Olympic sport of swimming?

Answer 1: (D) BUTTERFLY

Q2: Which singer debuted in Devdas after she was spotted by the director on a singing competition on TV?


Q3: In Oct 2021 surgeons in New York successfully transplanted a kidney to a human patient from which genetically grown animal?

Answer 3: (C) PIG

Q4: Who among these has not appeared alongside Bear Grylls in his adventure shows?

Answer 4: (B) SALMAN KHAN

Q5: The script for which of these languages is not written left to right?

Answer 5: (D) ARABIC

Q6: Mirza Ghalib is the name most famous for which of these?

Answer 6: (B) POETRY

Episode 134 – PM Modi in America

Q1: Which of these sportspersons is a tennis star?

Answer 1: (B) SANIA MIRZA

Q2: Which of these is not a type of pen?

Answer 2: (C) LEAD

Q3: Who played the role of James Bond in the latest Bond film No Time To Die?

Answer 3: (B) DANIAL CRAIG

Q4: Which of these world leaders is the oldest?

Answer 4: (C) JOE BIDEN 

Q5: Who among these has not been a judge on Indian Idol?

Answer 5: (D) AR REHMAN

Q6: Which of these animals is not a reptile?

Answer 6: (A) FROG

Episode 133 -Meri Pant bhi Sexy

Q1: Which of these is not present inside a mobile?

Answer 1: (B) SELFIE STICK

Q2: Which clothing brand has a crocodile as its a logo?

Answer 2: (A) LACOSTE

Q3: Chinos are what type of garment?

Answer 3: (B) PANTS

Q4: What does the t in std stand for in regards to telephone?

Answer 4: (B) TRUNK

Q5: Which accessory is most famously made from pashmina?

Answer 5: (B) SHAWL

Q6: How do we better know player unknown’s battlegrounds?

Answer 6: (C) PUBG

Episode 132 – Bird, But Not A Bird!

Q1: Which of these birds is an expert swimmer?

Answer 1: (B) Penguin

Q2: What color is the Ashoka Chakra present on the Indian national flag?

Answer 2: (A) Navy Blue

Q3: How many pens are there in a box of three dozen pens?

Answer 3: (C) 36

Q4: Which of these cities was planned by the architect Vidyadhar Bhattacharya?

Answer 4: (A) Jaipur

Q5: In which of these body parts can you find the smallest bone in the human body?

Answer 5: (D) Ear

Q6: In what month of the year is Dalit History Month observed?

Answer 6: (D) April

Episode 131 – The Dimond Shill

Q1: Which of these is not a toothpaste brand?

Answer 1: (B) BOROLINE

Q2: Arjun and Sara are the names of which cricketer’s children?


Q3: Nelson Mandela was a leader from which country?

Answer 3: (B) SOUTH AFRICA

Q4: Which of these countries does not have Arabic as an official language?

Answer 4: (D) INDONESIA

Q5: Which is the primary item used to make Kurkure?

Answer 5: (C) CORN

Q6: Which of these is usually printed with a 9×9 grid?

Answer 6: (A) SUDOKU 

Episode 130 – Pubg vs GTA

Q1: A cummerbund is worn around which part of the body?

Answer 1: (C) WAIST

Q2: Which of these is not a type of bed?

Answer 2: (D) LOUNGER

Q3: Which of these is not a phone charging connector?

Answer 3: (C) HDMI

Q4: Which of these is a type of jacket?

Answer 4: (D) BOMBER

Q5: Which of these heels shares its name with a knife?

Answer 5: (A) STILETTOS

Q6: San Andreas is part of which of these gaming series?

Answer 6: (B) GTA

Episode 129 – Audi Wonder

Q1: The slogan ‘Do or Die’ is associated with which of these freedom fighters?

Answer 1: (A) MAHATMA

Q2: Mowgli/Akela/Sher Khan and Bhageera are characters created by which of these authors?

Answer 2: (B) Rudyard Kipling

Q3: The largest district of any Indian state is located in which of these states?

Answer 3: (A) Gujrat

Q4: The four interlocking rings in the logo of a famous car brand symbolize the merger of DKW- Horch Wanderer and which company?

Answer 4: (C) AUDI

Q5: SK (Bobby) Kooka and Umesh Rao are the creators of which of these brand mascots?


Q6: An ENT doctor specializes in Ears Nose and which of these?

Answer 6: (A) Throat

Episode 128 – The Reel vs Real Batman

Q1: Which of these actors has played batman on screen?


Q2: Who among these has won a bronze medal at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic?

Answer 2: (D) P.V.SINDHU

Q3: Shashi Tharoor has been elected to the Lok sabha from which state?

Answer 3: (C) KERALA

Q4: Which of these movies has not been directed by Karan Johar?

Answer 4: (A) KAL HO NA HO

Q5: Sheikh Hasina is the prime minister of which of India’s neighbors?

Answer 4: (C) BANGLADESH

Q6: Which of these is not a precious gemstone?

Answer 6: (A) PLATINUM

Episode 127 – Pure India Pure Tanishq

Q1: Which is the most populated city in the US?

Answer 1: (B) New York

Q2: Which of these is not a metal?

Answer 2: (C) Phosphorus 

Q3: Which of these is not an operating system?

Answer 3: (C) C++

Q4: Tanishq is a jewelry brand owned by which company

Answer 4: (C) Tata

Q5: Herbalife is a company which makes what products?

Answer 5: (B) Nutrition Supplement

Q6: Which of these cities have a trouser named after it?

Answer 6: (B) Jodhpur

Episode 126 – Blood Oath

Q1: Pril/Vim and Exo are products normally used for which of these purposes?

Answer 1: (B) DIshwashing

Q2: ‘Give me blood and I will give you freedom’ is a quote associated with which of these freedom fighters?

Answer 2: (A) Option 1

Q3: Which of these events happened at the Buddh International Circuit in Greater Noida in 2011/2012 and 2013?

Answer 3: (A) Formula 1

Q4: Where is the tallest mountain in South India located?

Answer 4: (A) Kerala

Q5: Which of these is the last words of the Indian National Anthem?

Answer 5: (A) Jaya He

Q6: The Diary of a Young Girl’ is a book published on the journal entries of which girl?

Answer 6: (A) Anne Frank

Episode 125 – India Ka Maharaja

Q1:  The Gandhi cap is usually of which color?

Answer 1: (D) WHITE

Q2: Which city is popular for an annual literature fest?

Answer 2: (A) JAIPUR

Q3: What shares its name with a toy & a fitness test in cricket?

Answer 3: (B) YO-YO

Q4: Ron and Hermione are characters from which book series?

Answer 4: (A) HARRY POTTER

Q5: Which of these surfaces is tennis not played on?

Answer 5: (C) Wood

Q6: Which of these kings did not rule in India?

Answer 6: (C) Alexander

Episode 124 – Captian Cool

Q1: Which language is spoken in Mexico?

Answer 1: (A) SPANISH

Q2: Who is referred to as captain cool in cricket?

Answer 2: (C) MS DHONI

Q3: Which city is famous for many ghats that are situated along the Ganga?

Answer 3: (C) VARANASI

Q4: How many millimeters is there in a centimeter?

Answer 4: (A) 10 MM

Q5: Which of these films does not have Amitabh Bachchan?

Answer 5: (C) PARINEETA

Q6: What does FM on the radio stand for?


Episode 123 – Santa On His Way

Q1: Which of these is allowed in a vegan diet?

Answer 1: (B) Black Coffee

Q2: Which actor wrote the 2021 book on motherhood titled ‘The Elephant in the Womb’?

Answer 2: (A) Kalki K

Q3: On what date is ‘International Day of Yoga’ celebrated?

Answer 3: (A) 21 June

Q4: In biology what does ‘A’ stand for in ‘DNA’?

Answer 4: (B) Acid

Q5: What is the name given to the tight-fitting stretch trousers styled to resemble a pair of jeans?

Answer 5: (C) Jeggings

Q6: If Christmas Day is on a Saturday in 2021 on which day would the 2022 New Year begin?

Answer 6: (C) Saturday

Episode 122 – G Mane Genius

Q1: G Mane Genius’ is the ad campaign of which product?

Answer: (B) Parle G

Q2: Which of the following apps provides messaging service?

Answer: (D) Signal

Q3: Which of these is a brand of Indian traditional wear?

Answer: (C) Manywar Mohey

Q4: Which brand’s logo is a jumping cat?

Answer: () Puma

Q5: Didi Tera Dewar Deewana is a song from which film?

Answer: (C)Hum Apke Hai Koun

Q6: What would you learn on the app ‘Duolingo’?

Answer: (A) New Language

Episode 121 – Tata makes India Proud

Q1: Which of these is a chocolate cream biscuit brand?

Answer 1: (C) Bourbon

Q2: Which is the heaviest bird in the world by weight?

Answer 2: (A) Ostrich

Q3: Which of these chains makes Sandwiches?

Answer 3: (B) Subway

Q4: Harshavardhan Kapoor is the son of which actor?

Answer 4: (A) Anil Kapoor

Q5: What does the tech company TCS stand for?

Answer 5: (B) Tata Conslalty Services

Q6: Which of these keys is not found on a standard keyboard?

Answer 6: (D) Code

Episode 120 -Car: Jaguar ya Ferrari?

Q1: Which actor has said the dialogue doesn’t angry me?

Answer 1: (B) Akshay Kumar

Q2: Which of these companies produces cooking utensils?

Answer 2: (A) Howkins

Q3: Which of these teams has appeared in only one IPL final?

Answer 3: (C) Punjab Kings

Q4: Which of these brands doesn’t share its name with an animal?

Answer 4: (D) Ferrari

Q5: Who among these explorers reached birth America first?

Answer 5: (A) Lief Erikson 

Q6: Hamid Karzai was the president of which country from 2001 to 2014?

Answer 6: (B) Afghanistan

Episode 119 – World Cup Final

Q1: In which movie is Aamir Khan’s character called DJ short for Daljeet?

Answer 1: (D) Rang De Basanti

Q2: Which former captain of India is the president of BCCI as of September 2021?

Answer 2: (B) Sourabh Ganguli

Q3: Which of these is not a packaged snacks brand?

Answer 3: (D) Crocin

Q4: Which of these is an Indian entrance exam for management institutions?

Answer 4: (C) Cat

Q5: The 2011 world cup final which India won was held at which stadium?

Answer 5: (D) Wankhede Stadium

Q6: Who among these has never been the prime minister of India?

Answer 6: (C) Rahul Gandhi

Episode 118 -Mazda ya Maserati

Q1: Which of these can be used to detect airplanes in the Air?

Answer 1: (A) Radar

Q2: Which of these is not a metal?

Answer 2: (C) Phosphorus

Q3: According to boost is the secret to what?

Answer 3: (B) Energy

Q4: Which of these brands is not known for smartphones?

Answer 4: (C) Whirlpool

Q5: Which Japanese brand is known for its watches and jewelry?

Answer 5: (A) Seiko

Q6: Which of these apps is used to identify songs?

Answer 6: (A) Shazam

Episode 117 – DC vs Marvel

Q1: Which of these cricketers does not have a brother who also played international cricket?

Answer 1: (B) Yuvraj Singh

Q2: Which of these is a Japanese food item?

Answer 2: (A) Sushi

Q3: Which of these superheroes has the ability to fly?

Answer 3: (A) Superman

Q4: In video technology what does the term hd stand for?

Answer 4: (B) High Definition

Q5: The rice dish Bisi bele bath is from which Indian state?

Answer 5: (A) Karnataka

Q6: The tarantula is a type of which of these?

Answer 6: (B) Spider

Episode 116 – Chai Pe Charcha

Q1: The car company Kia is from which country?

Answer 1: (C) South Korea

Q2: Who owns WhatsApp and Instagram?

Answer 2: (B) Facebook

Q3: Which of these brands/companies are from India?

Answer 3: (A) Louie Phi

Q4: Endeavour/ecosport are cars from which company?

Answer 4: (B) Ford

Q5: In which of these brand ads would you see a rabbit?

Answer 5: (A) Duracell

Q6: With which brand would you associate Tetley?

Answer 6: (D) Tea

Episode 115 – The King Of Football

Q1: Penalty corner is a term associated with which sport?

Answer 1: (B)  Hockey

Q2: Which is the covid monitoring app developed by the Indian government?

Answer 2: (A) Arogya Setu

Q3: Which of these films does not have a sequel?

Answer 3: (C) Swades

Q4: A bracelet is a piece of jewelry worn on which part of the body?

Answer 4: (C) Wrist

Q5: Which of these is not an insect?

Answer 5: (C) Spider

Q6: Which country does Christiano Ronaldo represent in football?

Answer 6: (A) Portugal

Episode 114 -The Superheroes

Q1: The brand’s big bazaar and central are owned by which company?

Answer 1: (B) Future Group 

Q2: What does the LPG in an LPG cylinder stand for?

Answer 2: (B) Liquified Petr

Q3: Ganesh Acharya is a popular name in which category in Bollywood?

Answer 3: (C) Choreography

Q4: Manpreet Singh is the captain of India in which sport as of September 2021?

Answer 4: (B) Hockey

Q5: Who is the only actor to have hosted KBC in Hindi other than Amitabh Bachchan?

Answer 5: (C) SRK

Q6: Which of these superheroes is not part of the Avengers?

Answer 6: (A) Superman

Episode 113 -Kapoor’s Darbar

Q1: What is the full form of ppe in PPE kits popularized in covid-19 times?

Answer 1: (A) Personal Protective Kit

Q2: Which of these is not a tea brand?

Answer 2: (B) Yakult

Q3: What are the wireless earplugs made by apple called?

Answer 3: (B) Airpods

Q4: Ustad Amjad Ali Khan is a legend in playing which instrument?

Answer 4: (C) Sarod

Q5: The umpire Kumar dharmasena is from which country?

Answer 5: (C) Srilanka

Q6: Who played the role of childhood Raj Kapoor in Mera Naam joker?

Answer 6: (B) Rishi Kapoor

Episode 112 -Sallu Bhaijaan

Q1: Which of these countries is not in Europe?

Answer 1: (D) Chile

Q2: ‘Ek baar jo maine commitment kar di uske baad toh mai apne aap ki bhi nahi sunta’ is from which famous movie?

Answer 2: (D) Wanted

Q3: International Labour Day is celebrated on which date?

Answer 3: (C) May 1

Q4: Which Indian Badminton player has won the World Championship?

Answer 4: (A) PV Sindhu

Q5: In September 2021 the Supreme Court ruled that women could apply for admission to which of these?

Answer 5: (A) National Defense

Q6: In October 2021 which country sent a crew to space to shoot a movie?

Answer 6: (B) Russia

Episode 111 – Earth Ki Galaxy

Q1: Which smartphone company has the galaxy series?

Answer 1: (C) Samsung

Q2: The city of Kolhapur is famous for which of these?

Answer 2: (A) Chappal

Q3: Which sport is played with the help of a bat?

Answer 3: (C) Baseball

Q4: The iconic dialogue mere pass maa hai is from which movie?

Answer 4: (C) Deewar

Q5: The amazon river flows in which continent?

Answer 5: (A) South Africa

Q6: Wrong is a fashion brand co-created by which cricketer?

Answer 6: (B) Virat Kolhi

Episode 110 – Thepla Ya Khichdi

Q1: Air india was bought by Which business group in 2021?

Answer 1: (C) TATA

Q2: Which of these food items is also the name of a Hindi TV series?

Answer 2: (B) Khichdi

Q3: Which of these parts is seen in a car but not on a bike?

Answer 3: (C) Seat Belt

Q4: Which of these actor’s father was also an actor?

Answer 4: (C) Akshay Khanna

Q5: People suffering from which disease need to monitor their blood sugar?

Answer 5: (B) Diabetes

Q6: What is the currency of the United Kingdom?

Answer 6: (B) Pound

Episode 109-

Q1: Mulayam Singh Yadav has served as CM of which state?

Answer 1: (C) Uttarpradesh

Q2: The actor Kunal khemu is married to which actor’s sister?

Answer 2: (C) Saif Ali Khan

Q3: Which of these companies is not primarily known for watches?

Answer 3: (A) Ray-Ban

Q4: Arvind Kejriwal is a graduate from which of these institutions?

Answer 4: (B) IIT

Q5: Which indian state’s name means home of the clouds?

Answer 5: (B) Meghalaya 

Q6: Which textile company has the famous tagline the complete man?

Answer 6: (D) Raymond

Episode 108 -The Pink City

Q1: The pro kabaddi league side pink panthers is from which city?

Answer 1: (C) Jaipur

Q2: Which of these is not a Tata car?

Answer 2: (C) Innova

Q3: How do we better know the character Sangram bhalerao as?

Answer 3: (D) Simba

Q4: Pankaj Advani is an indian sportsman famous for which of these sports?

Answer 4: (B) Billards

Q5: Which of these kings is not part of the Mughal Dynasty?

Answer 5: (C) Allauddin Khilji

Q6: The coffee plant has its origins in which continent?

Answer 6: (B) Africa

Episode 107 – The Jungle Python

Q1: How many kilometers is equal to 5 miles?

Answer 1: (D) 8

Q2: With respect to IPL 2021 who is the odd man out?

Answer 2: (C) ROHIT

Q3: On which day is the Padma Shree award and Bharat Ratna award awarded?

Answer 3: (A) 26 JANUARY

Q4: The character ACP Pradyuman appeared in which hit TV series?

Answer 4: (B) CID

Q5: The town of Sivakasi in Tamil Nadu is famous for making what?


Q6: What type of animal is kaa in the jungle book?

Answer 6: (C) PYTHON

Episode 106 – Mega Star Chiru 

Q1: Which Telugu actor and politician is known by the name megastar?

Answer 1: (A) Chiranjeevi

Q2: Which bank has the most number of branches in India?

Answer 2: (C) State Bank Of India

Q3: Indeep Bakshi and Badshah have a hit song about which day of the week?

Answer 3: (B) Saturday

Q4: What term is used if a batsman gets out on the first ball of both test innings?

Answer 4: (B) King Pair

Q5: Which Indian PM popularized the slogan Jai jawan Jai Kisan?

Answer 5: (C)Lal Bahadur 

Q6: After how many years do the Lok Sabha elections take place?

Answer 6: (D) 5 Years

Episode 105 -Spotify Vs iTunes

Q1: The Burj Khalifa skyscraper is in which country

Answer 1: (A) Dubai

Q2: In which country does the Big bash league T20 tournament happen

Answer 2: (C) Australia

Q3: Which actor played the role of akbar in amar akbar Anthony

Answer 3: (B) Rishi Kapoor

Q4: Which of these is not a cosmetics brand

Answer 4: (B) Ray-Ban

Q5: What is apple’s music player software called

Answer 5: (D) iTunes

Q6: Which of these dismissal is possible on a free hit in cricket

Answer 6:(D) Runout

Episode 104 – Cadbury Celebrations

Q1: Which of these is not a Cadbury’s chocolate brand

Answer 1: (B) Kitkat

Q2: Normally the instrument violin has how many strings

Answer 2: (B) 4

Q3: Dhanraj Pillay captained India in which of these sports

Answer 3: (C) Hockey

Q4: Sunny days is the autobiography of which Indian cricket legend

Answer 4: (A) Sunil Gavaskar

Q5: What does the sim in sim Card stand for

Answer 5: (B) Subscriber Identity M

Q6: Whose signature is found on Indian currency notes

Answer 6: (D) RBI Governor

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Episode 103 -Chacha Chaudhari

Q1: In which state’s cuisine is the sweet dish Ghever prepared?

Answer 1: (B) RAJASTHAN

Q2: Polo is a sport played on the backs of which of these animals?

Answer 2: (A) HORSE

Q3: Polo is a sport played on the backs of which of these animals?

Answer 3: (A) COMMON MAN

Q4: Which of these terms is common to both cricket and football

Answer 4: (D) OFFSIDE

Q5: Paper/Rava and Set are types of which popular food item?

Answer 5: (C) DOSA

Q6:Which of these business leaders is an IIT graduate?


Episode 102 -Gully Boy

Q1: Which of these is not a place in Maharashtra?

Answer 1: (D) Bhagalpur

Q2: Which of these is not a mosquito repellent brand?

Answer 2: (B) Odonil

Q3: How many T20 internationals did Sachin Tendulkar play for India?

Answer 3: (C) 1

Q4: Which is the longest national highway in India?

Answer 4: (B) NH-44

Q5: Which of these music director duos are not brothers?

Answer 5: (A)Vishal Shekhar

Q6: Which Mumbai rapper’s real name is Vivian Fernandez?

Answer 6: (B) Divine

Episode 101 – Bechara Ritesh!

Q1: Filmmaker Mahesh Manjrekar hosts the Marathi version of which show?

Answer 1: (B) Big Boss

Q2: With which sport would you associate Usain Bolt’s name?

Answer 2: (C) Athletics

Q3: Which of these is not allowed in cricket anymore?

Answer 3: (B) Runner

Q4: Which actress debuted alongside Hrithik Roshan in Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai?

Answer 4: (A) Amisha Patel

Q5: Which Disney movie has a lead character named Simba?

Answer 5: (A)The Lion King

Q6: Which of these states doesn’t have a seacoast?

Answer 6: (C)  Madhya Pradesh

Episode 100 – Superstar Couple

Q1: Which of these is not a stationary brand in India?

Answer 1: (C) Everready

Q2: Angelina Jolie was married to which actor gave them the nickname Brangelina?

Answer 2: (A) Brad Pitt

Q3: In which mode does the phone lose network connectivity?

Answer 3: (C) Airplane Mode

Q4: Which of these animals is not found in India in the wild?

Answer 4: (D) Giraffe

Q5: In which of these years was world war 2 going on?

Answer 5: (B) 1940

Q6: Which of these companies is not a footwear brand?

Answer 6: (C) Old Spice

Episode 99 – Jallikattu: Cultural Heritage

Q1: Which Indian music label is the ’most subscribed YouTube channel as of Sep 2021?

Answer 1: (D) T-Series

Q2: The characters Jethalal and Daya Gada appear in which Indian sitcom?

Answer 2: (B) Taarak Mehta Ka 

Q3: Which director also hosts a popular chat show?

Answer 3: (C) Karan Johar

Q4: Which of these brands makes ethnic Indian clothes?

Answer 4: (B) Biba

Q5: Akshay Kumar and Sunil Shetty did not appear together in which of these movies

Answer 5: (D) Bhool Bhulaiya

Q6: Jallikattu is a race held in Tamil Nadu using which animal

Answer 6: (B) Bull

Episode 98 – Gujrati Bapu

Q1: Good day is a brand of cookies and biscuits from which the company?

Answer 1: (B) Britania

Q2: What was the mother tongue of mahatma gandhi?

Answer 2: (D) Gujrati

Q3: Which of these is a dating app where women make the first move?

Answer 3: (B) Bumble

Q4: What is the name of the domestic T20 competition in India?

Answer 4: (B) Syed Mushtaq Ali trophy

Q5: Avial is a popular dish from which state?

Answer 5: (B) Kerala

Q6: What is the height of the net in badminton?

Answer 6: (C) 5 Feet

Episode 97 -The White Revolution

Q1: The famous tunday kebabs originated in which city

Answer: (D) Lukhnow

Q2: What is the name given to the charging port of the apple products

Answer: (C) Lightning

Q3: The white revolution in India happened in which product

Answer: (B) Milk

Q4: Abhijeet Sawant was the first winner of which reality show

Answer: (B) Indian Idol

Q5: Which of these gadgets has to side a and b for listening

Answer: (A) Audio Cassette

Q6: Which piece in chess can move in only vertical or horizontal lines

Answer: (B) Rook

Episode 96 – Captain to Mentor

Q1: Which detergent brand is preferred by Hema Rekha Jaya and Sushma?

Answer 1: (C) Nirma

Q2: Which position will ms dhoni occupy for India in the 2021 T20 world cup

Answer 2: (B) Mentor

Q3: Litti chokha is a dish found in which of these States

Answer 3: (B) Bihar

Q4: How many thieves are there in the story of Ali Baba

Answer 4: (D) 40

Q5: Which of these can you see on the dettol logo

Answer 5: (A) Sword

Q6: Vijay Kumar won a silver medal for india at the London 2012 Olympic in which sport

Answer 6: (C) Shooting

Episode 95 -Khatron ke Khiladi

Q1: Which of these is not a hyundai car?

Answer 1: (D) Corolla

Q2: How do we better know the wrestler Dilip Singh as?

Answer 2: (B) The Great Khali

Q3: Which of these cities does not have an IIT?

Answer 3: (C) Bangaluru

Q4: Which of these cannot travel through space?

Answer 4: (B) Sound

Q5: Which director hosts the reality show khataron ke khiladi?

Answer 5: (C) Rohit Shetty

Q6: How many centuries did Rohit Sharma score in the 2019 world cup?

Answer 6: (C) 5

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