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FYI Flipkart Answers Today

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FYI Flipkart Answers Today 23 February 2021

Here are the Flipkart FYI Answers Today: Win Prizes, Vouchers and Super Coins

Answer 1: Tuberculosis

Answer 2: The Gabba

Answer 3: 6 Six


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FYI Flipkart Answers 22 February – Episode 38

Q1: Which Of The Following Places In India Is The First To See The Sunrise?

Answer 1: Arunachal Pradesh

Q2: Which Of The Following Personalities Has Not Been Awarded Prestigious Bharat Ratna?

Answer 2: Amitabh Bachchan

Q3: In Which Of These Cities Could You Spend An Evening At A Beach?

Answer 3: Chennai

FYI Flipkart Answers 21 February – Episode 37

Q1: Who Is The Original Singer Of The Song ‘Tera Ghata’?

Answer 1: Gajendra V

Q2: Which Of These Films Features The Battle Of Saragarhi?

Answer 2: Kesari

Q3: What Is The Name Of The Vehicle Of Ravana In Which He Could Fly To Any Destination?

Answer 3: Pushpaka Vimana

FYI Flipkart Answers 20 February – Episode 36

Q1: Which Of The Following Is Not A Nestle Product?

Answer 1: 5-Star Chocolate

Q2: Which Indian State Is Popularly Known As ‘The Land Of Spices’?

Answer 2: Kerala

Q3: What Was The Name Of The Eldest Son Of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan?

Answer 3: Dara Shikoh

FYI Flipkart Answers 19 February – Episode 35

Q1:Which Of The Following Brands Used The Tagline ‘Eat Fresh’?

Answer 1: Subway

Q2:How Many Characters (Letters And Numbers) Comprise A Permanent Account Number (PAN) In India?

Answer 2: 10 – Ten

Q3: Which Is The Correct Logo Of Google?

Answer 3: Image 2

FYI Flipkart Answers 18 February – Episode 34

Q1: Which Fruit Is Dried To Make Raisin Or ‘Kishmish’?

Answer 1: Grapes

Q2: Ustad Amjad Ali Khan Is Associated With Which Of The Following Musical Instruments?

Answer 2: Sarod

Q3: Which Of The Following Body Parts Has Bone?

Answer 3: Eyes

FYI Flipkart Answers 17 February – Episode 33

Q1: Which Was The First Film In Which Shahrukh Khan And Kajol Acted Together?

Answer 1: Baazigar

Q2: What Is The Value Of Million?

Answer 2: 10 Crores

Q3: Which Of These Gases Is Used To Extinguish Fire?

Answer 3: Carbon Di-Oxide

FYI Flipkart Answers 16 February – Episode 32

Q1: Which Of These Prime Ministers Has Also Served As The RBI Governor?

Answer 1: Dr. Manmohan Singh

Q2: ‘Har Ghar Kucch Kehta Hai’ Is A Tagline Of Which Paint Brand?

Answer 2: Asian Paints (Image 4)

Q3:  How Many Seasons Of The TV Show Naagin Have Been Aired?

Answer 3: 5 Seasons

FYI Flipkart Answers 15 February – FYI Episode 31

Q1: Which Of The Following Board Games Originated In India?

Answer 1: Snakes And Ladders

Q2:Which Actor Is Called ‘Sasha’ By His Family And Close Friends?

Answer 2: Shahid Kapoor

Q3:Which Of These Sports Does Not Use A Spherical Ball?

Answer 3: Rugby

FYI Flipkart Answers 14 February – Episode 30

Q1: Which Of The Following Actors Has Not Married More Than Once?

Answer 1: Farhan Akhtar

Q2: Which Of The Following Is Not A Web Browser?

Answer 2: Yahoo!

Q3: In Which Year Did Kaun Banega Crorepati First Telecast?

Answer 3: 2000

FYI Flipkart Answers 13 February – Episode 29 Answers

Q1: Which Of Chetan Bhagat’s Book Hasn’t Been Made Into A Movie?

Answer 1: Rev 2020 (Image 3)

Q2: You Can’t See Me – Is A Popular Phrase Of Which Wrestler?

Answer 2: John Cena

Q3: Which Of The Following States Has The Most Number Of Seats In Lok Sabha?

Answer 3: Uttar Pradesh

FYI Flipkart Answers 12 February – Episode 28

Q1: Which Of Chetan Bhagat’s Book Hasn’t Been Made Into A Movie?

Answer 1: Rev 2020 (Image 3)

Q2: You Can’t See Me – Is A Popular Phrase Of Which Wrestler?

Answer 2: John Cena

Q3: Which Of The Following States Has The Most Number Of Seats In Lok Sabha?

Answer 3: Uttar Pradesh

FYI Flipkart Answers 12 February

FYI Episode 28 Answers:

Q1: Isko Laga Dala Toh Life Jhingalala Is Associated With Which Brand?

Answer 1: Tata Sky

Q2: What Is The Minimum Age Required To Become The Prime Minister Of India?

Answer 2: 25 Years

Q3: Which Of The Following Is Considered The National Tree Of India?

Answer 3: Banyan Tree

FYI Flipkart Answers 11 February

FYI Episode 27 Answers:

Q1: Who Is The Governor Of The Reserve Bank Of India (RBI)?

Answer 1: Shakti Kanta Das

Q2:Which Of These Are The Eyes Of Deepika Padukone?

Answer 2: Image 3

Q3: Which Vaccine Has Been Developed By The Oxford University In Collaboration With AstraZeneca?

Answer 3: Covishield

FYI Flipkart Answers 10 February

FYI Episode 26 Answers:

Q1: Who Hosted The First Season Of Popular Reality Show Bigg Boss?

Answer 1: Arshad Warsi

Q2: Who Was The First Indian Male Cricketer To Take A Hat-Trick In T20 International Matches?

Answer 2: Deepak Chahar

Q3: Which Of These Is Not A Mammal?

Answer 3: Snake

FYI Flipkart Answers 9 February

FYI Episode 25 Answers:

Q1: Which Of The Following Chief Ministers Tore Up The Copies Of Farm Laws In The Assembly In December 2020?

Answer 1: Arvind Kejriwal

Q2: Which Of These Is An Upcoming Film Starring Ranbir Kapoor And Alia Bhatt?

Answer 2: Brahmastra

Q3: Which Emoji Denotes A Mexican Dish?

Answer 3: Image 1

FYI Flipkart Answers 8 February

FYI Episode 24 Answers:

Q1:  Which Of The Following Is Not A Bear-Type?

Answer 1: Kaola

Q2: Which Bollywood Actress Is The Most Followed On Instagram?

Answer 2: Priyanka Chopra

Q3: In Which Country Is Grand Canyon Located?

Answer 3: USA

FYI Flipkart Answers 7 February

FYI Episode 23 Answers: KL Rahul Special 

Which animal is seen on the logo of make in India?
Answer: lion

Which cricketer won orange cap in IPL 2020?
Answer: KL Rahul

In which year was WhatsApp launched?
Answer: 2009

FYI Flipkart Answers 6 February

FYI Episode 22 Answers: Hitman Special

Jersey no. 45 belongs to which Indian cricketer?
Answer: Rohit Sharma

What is the symbol of Euro?
Answer: Image 4

On which day 2016 Narendra Modi announced demonetization?
Answer: 8

FYI Flipkart Answers 5 February

FYI Episode 21 Answers: 280 Characters to ‘fame’!

Which of these is the chin of Ranbir Kapoor?
Answer: IMAGE

Which of these is a Hindi phrase for a person who believes everything they hear?
Answer: Kaan Ka Kachcha

What is the maximum number of characters you can use in a tweet?
Answer: 280

FYI Flipkart Answers 4 February

FYI Episode 20 Answers: Fe-Male Comedians

Which of these comedians didn’t play a female role in tv?
Answer: Rohan Joshi

What is the name of the Indian game endorsed by Akshay Kumar?
Answer: Fau-G

Who is married to Natasha Stankovic?
Answer: Hardik Pandya

FYI Flipkart Answers 3 February

FYI Episode 19 Answers – Kangana: The ‘reel’ Amma

On which of these apps you can not go live?
Answer: Whatsapp

Which actress is playing politician j. Jayalalithaa on upcoming biopic Thalaivi?
Answer: Kangana Ranaut

Which of these is not a coffee type?
Answer: Matcha

FYI Flipkart Answers 2 February

FYI Episode 18 Answers – Akki’s Words of Wisdom

Jo main bolta hu wo main karta hu jo main nehi bolta hu wo main definitely karta hu is a dialogue of which actor?
Answer: Akshay Kumar

Who is the director general of who?
Answer: Tedros adhanom

How many president have been elected in India since 1950?
Answer: 14

FYI Flipkart Answers 1 February

FYI Episode 17 Answers – Almighty Bachchan!

Which of these following actors has a temple named after him?
Answer: Amitabh Bachchan

Which one of these dance forms is Kathak?
Answer: Image 4

Which of these months is odd one out?
Answer: June

FYI Flipkart Answers 31 January

FYI Episode 16 Answers – King Khan Special

Which of the following actor has won the most number of Filmfare awards for best actor?
Answer: Shahrukh khan

Yeh Toh badha toing hai is the tagline of which brand?
Answer: Amul macho

On the bank of which river is the city Jammu located?
Answer: Tawi

FYI Flipkart Answers 30 January

FYI Episode 15 Answers – Badshah oh Badshah!

Which of these is a correct representation on the zodiac sign cancer?
Answer: Image 2

Aditya singh Sisodia is the real name of which of these celebrities?
Answer: Badshah

What is the maximum gap between two sessions of the parliament?
Answer: 6 months

FYI Flipkart Answers 29 January

FYI Episode 14 Answers – YouTube vs TikTok

Which of the following emoji is not an Akshay Kumar movie?
Answer: Image 3

Carry Minati is the name of which YouTuber?
Answer: Ajey Nagar

How many countries are members of the U.N.?
Answer: 193

FYI Flipkart Answers 28 January

FYI Episode 13 Answers – Master Blaster

Which of these following actresses have not been a brand ambassador of Lux?
Answer: Anushka Sharma

How many runs has Sachin Tendulkar score in his international career?
Answer: 34357

Which of these singers didn’t featured in lead role of a film?
Answer: Armaan Malik

FYI Flipkart Answers 27 January

FYI Episode 12 Answers – Bleed Blue

Which is the game doesn’t have a card option?
Answer: Business

Where was the finale of 2011 Cricket World Cup played?
Answer: Wankhede stadium

How many chapters are there in the Bhagavad Gita?
Answer: 18

FYI Flipkart Answers 26 January

FYI Episode 11 Answers – Soap Opera

Soundarya Sabun is associated with which popular soap brand?
Answer: Nirma

With how many countries India shares its land border?
Answer: 7

Which of the following is not Salman Khan sibling?
Answer: Seema Khan

FYI Flipkart Answers 25 January

FYI Episode 10 Answers – Vocal for Local 

Which of the following is not an Indian brand?
Answer: Bata

Which of the following creatures hibernate the longest?
Answer: Bat

In which year Ranveer Singh made his debut with band Baaja baarat?
Answer: 2010

FYI Flipkart Answers 24 January

FYI Episode 9 Answers – Khans of Bollywood

Which is the odd one out?
Answer: Saif-Soha

Which popular digital sensation recreated ‘Rasode mein kaun tha’?
Answer: Yashraj M

How many states are there in India?
Answer: 28

FYI Flipkart Answers 23 January

FYI Episode 8 Answers

Q1: Where Was French Widely Spoken In India ?

Answer 1: Puducherry

Q2: Which Of The Following Creatures Do Not Have External Ears ?

Answer 2: Lizard

Q3: In Which Year Did Virat Kohli Make His ODI Debut ?

Answer 3: 2008

FYI Flipkart Answers 22 January

FYI Episode 7 Answers: Bhai ka Prem

What is the maximum duration of an insyagram reels?
Answer: 30 seconds

In which of the following film salman khans name is not prem?
Answer: bodyguard

Break tho banta hai is associated with which popular chocolate?
Answer: kitkat

FYI Flipkart Answers 21 January

FYI Episode 6 Answers: Who’s the Bigg Boss?

Which of these is not a UNESCO World Heritage Site in India?
Answer: Mysore Palace

Which of the following social media platform doesn’t use hashtags?
Answer: Snapchat

Who was the winner of Bigg Boss season 13?
Answer: Sid Shukla

FYI Flipkart Answers 20 January

FYI Episode 5 Answers: Army Day Special

Q1. Which of the following is wrongly matched?

Answer: Buland Darwaza

Q2. Which of the following is odd one out?

Answer: Bicycle

Q3. Indian Army day is celebrated in which date?

Answer: 15 January

FYI Flipkart Answers 19 January

FYI Episode 4 Answers: Jakhaassss!!!

Question 1) Who among the following did not star in the title track of Om Shanti Om?

Answer: Anil Kapoor

Question 2) Which of the following sports is widely played in Finland?

Answer: Wife Carrying

Question 3) Which was the first serial aired by Balaji Telefilms?

Answer: Mano Ya Na Mano

FYI Flipkart Answers 18 January

FYI Episode 3 Answers: Bolywood’s Hot Couple

Q1. A coin of what value is called as Athanni?

Answer: 50 Paise

Q2. Satellite images of which of these processions were released by ISRO?

Answer: Kumbh Mela

Q3. Which was the first film of Ranveer-Deepika?

Answer: Ramleela

FYI Flipkart Answers 17 January

FYI Episode 2 Answers: Mahabharat Special

Q1: Which Of These Are Not Berries?

Answer 1: Blackberries

Q2: Which Of The Following Is The Correct Representation Of Olympic Rings?

Answer 2: Option 1

Q3: How Many Pandava Brothers Are There In Mahabharat?

Answer 3: 5 

FYI Flipkart Answers 16 January

FYI Episode 1 Answers: Sab Golmaal Hai

Q1: Which Of The Following Was The Mascot Of 2010 Commonwealth Games?

Answer 1: Shera

Q2: Which Politician Coined The Song ‘Go Corona Go During The Beginning Of The Coronavirus Pandemic In India?

Answer 2: Ramdas Athawale

Q3: How Many Films Have Been Made In The Golmaal Series Directed By Rohít Shetty?

Answer 3: 4 (Four)

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