Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answers Today – 9 September 2021

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How To Play Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz 9 September?

Firstly, To participate in the Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz, you need to follow these simple steps:

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Flipkart Daily Trivia Today Answers 9 September

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz answers today 9 September 2021

Q1: Surya magazine was edited by which Indian Politician?


Q2: Which company acquired the oral care brands Promise, Babool, and Miswak in 2005?

Answer: (C) DABUR

Q3: Among batsmen with more than 10,000 test runs, who has the highest average?


Q4: Which of these cities never served as the capital of the Mughal emperor Akbar?

Answer: (A) DELHI

Q5: What did Marie Curie name the first chemical element she discovered?

Answer: (C) POLONIUM

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz answers today 8 September 2021

Q1: In which Madhya Pradesh city is the Holkar Cricket Stadium located?

Answer: (A) Indore

Q2: Which country hosted the South Asian Games 2019?

Answer: (C) Nepal

Q3: Who won the Dilip Sardesai Award for taking the most wickets in Test cricket in 2018-19?

Answer: (B) Jasprit Bumrah

Q4: Who recently set the Indian record for the longest gap between 2 T20l matches?

Answer: (A) Sanju Samson

Q5: Who recently became the first New Zealand cricketer to hit sixes in an over?

Answer: (B) Leo Carter

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz answers today 7 September 2021

Q1: The popular web series ‘Tripling’ is produced by which media house?

Answer 1: (C) TVF

Q2: Which TV series is about CIA officer Carrie Mathison?

Answer 2: (B) Homeland

Q3: Which 1960 historical film was re-released in 2004 in a full-color version?

Answer 3: (C) Mughal-e-Azam

Q4: Which character in the comedy show Dekh Bhai Dekh was played by Shekhar Suman?

Answer 4: (A) Sameer Diwan

Q5: Which of these Hollywood actresses was born in Darjeeling?

Answer 5: (A) Vivien Leigh

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz answers today 6 September 2021

Q1: Which is the world’s second-largest religion with over 1.8 billion followers?

Answer 1: (A) ISLAM

Q2: World’s first mobile call was made between employees of Motorola and

Answer 2: (C) BELL LABS

Q3: Called lead, the tip of a pencil is made up of what?

Answer 3: (B) GRAPHITE

Q4: The name of which dish literally means ‘spicy food suitable for a diet’?

Answer 4: (A) JELFREZI

Q5: Which city was briefly called Batmania, in honor of its founder John Batman?

Answer 5: (A) MELBOURNE

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz answers today 5 September 2021

Q1: Which of these countries does not participate in the South Asian Games?

Answer 1: (A) CHINA

Q2: Who will captain the Indian team for the 2020 ICC Women’s T20 World Cup?


Q3: Who received the Polly Umrigar Award for the best international cricketer (2018 – 19)?


Q4: Who registered the highest ever individual score (147) in Big Bash League history?


Q5: Which of these Indian weightlifters was recently banned by NADA for doping?


Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz answers today 4 September 2021

Q1: In the film Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, who plays the role of DJ Ali?

Answer 1: (C) FAWAD KHAN

Q2: Which former Indian cricket captain appears in the climax of Nagesh Kukunoor’s ‘Iqbal’?

Answer 2: (A) KAPIL DEV

Q3: What is Al Pacino’s character named in Keanu Reeves starrer The Devil’s Advocate?

Answer 3: (C) JONH MILTON

Q4: Which character from a 2012 film got his name from a British electronics manufacturer?

Answer 4: (A) BARFI

Q5: _ is the first R-rated film to gross Billion Dollars at the box office.

Answer 5: (A) JOKER

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz question & answers today 3 September

Q1: Who among these made his Bollywood debut the earliest?


Q2: Which Austrian neurologist is considered as the founder of psychoanalysis?


Q3: 20 Feet from Stardom’s is a documentary about which music professionals?


Q4: How many times do the minute hand and the hour hand overlap in 24 hours?

Answer: (A) 22

Q5: Which of these countries has the longest coastline?


Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz question & answers today 2 September

With which of these sports would you associate the term bout?
Answer: Boxing

Which of these is not a golf club?
Answer: Hammer

In which city has the Indy 500 auto race been held for the last century?
Answer: Indianopolis

In which country does the International Olympic Committee have its headquarters?
Answer: Switzerland

Which of these teams has never won the UEFA Champions League?
Answer: Manchester City

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz question & answers today 1 September

Q1: Kareena Kapoor played the role of ___ in the film Jab We Met.

Answer 1: (A) GEET

Q2: The only word that Harshaali Malhotra’s character utters in Bajrangi Bahijaan are


Q3: Princess Fiona is the wife of which fictional ogre?

Answer 3: (C) SHREK

Q4: Which city’s tourism has grown as it is the set for King’s Landing in Game of Thrones?


Q5: ___ won the Best Motion Picture – Animated Golden Globe Award 2020

Answer 5: (A) MISSING LINK

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz answers today 31 August 2021

In which state will you find the Mount Abu and Sita Mata Wildlife Sanctuaries?
Answer: Rajasthan

In 1994, which company started supplying plastic crates to Pepsi and Coca Cola?
Answer: Nilkamal Limited

Who amongst these has not played at least 100 Test matches for India?
Answer: M. Azharuddin

Which of these particles is named after an Indian physicist?
Answer: Boson

Aziz Mirza and Kundan Shah directed which 1989 television series?
Answer: Circus

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz answers today 30 August 2021

Q1: Which sport is also known as tenpins?

Answer 1: (C) BOWLING

Q2: Which of these nations was not in the original Imperial Cricket Conference?

Answer 2: (A) CANADA

Q3: The Centre Court at Wimbeldon is also known by what postcode

Answer 3: (A) SW19

Q4: Which of these is not a golf obstacle?

Answer 4: (A) HURDLE

Q5: What colour is used of a warning in automobile racing?

Answer 5: (B) YELLOW

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz answers today 29 August 2021

Question 1: Who made his Bollywood debut with the 1944 film Jwar Bhata?

Answer: Dilip Kumar

Question 2: What is the subtitle of the recent Ajay Devgan film Tanhaji?

Answer: The Unsung Warrior

Question 3: Which actor hosted the Indian adaptation of the show Family Fortune?

Answer: Roshan Abbas

Question 4: Mank is a David Fincher film based on the tussle between the screenwriters of?

Answer: Citizen Kane

Question 5: ____ has won the highest number of Academy Awards for Best International Feature Film?

Answer: Italy

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Today’s Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Details:

Quiz Name:Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz
Prize:Gems and Super coins
Quiz Time:12 AM to 11:59 PM

In order to win this quiz you have to give all five answers correct and grab Flipkart rewards like Super coins, Gift Vouchers, Gems and amazing products for free.

What is Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz?

To clarify ‘Flipkart Daily Trivia’ is a ‘trivia’ quiz found in the application’s games section. Participants will be asked a variety of trivia questions, and you must correctly answer them in order to receive rewards. As a result, this contest usually have free vouchers or Flipkart gems as prizes.

Terms & Conditions
  • Firstly, Daily Trivia is a unique game Contest where you will be asked 5 questions in every episode regarding general knowledge;
  • Secondly, Users will be Contesting a total of 5 questions in the daily episode
  • Also, Users will have to select one of the options as deemed appropriate by them
  • In conclusion, results will be available to the users who have completed the quiz, on the My Rewards section of the Contest.

In short we, wish you best luck for all the Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answers Today August, hope you win some exciting prizes and rewards.

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