Flipkart Big Buzz Challenge Quiz Answers – All Episodes

Flipkart big buzz challenge quiz answers for all episodes are Revealed here. All answers are 100% correct and confirmed by us. Play the Flipkart Big Buzz Challenge Quiz and you’ll get a chance to win exciting prizes from Flipkart officially.

In the Big Buzz Challenge Quiz, you’ll be asked the questions from the Big Boss(reality show). In each episode you get to answer 5 simple question. So, the question arises, How you will get correct answer of this quiz contest.

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But If you’re new to this quiz, and don’t know how to play Big Buzz challenge! Here is the solution:

How to Play Flipkart Big Buzz Challenge Quiz?

  • Open the Flipkart App
  • Sign up or log in to your account.
  • Find the Games section in the bottom menu of the App.
  • Find the “Big Buzz Challenge”
  • Click on the banner.
  • Start answering the questions from answers provided below of all quizzes
  • That’s it! You have exciting rewards like Gift Vouchers, Gems, Super coins.

Flipkart Big Buzz Challenge Answers – All Episodes

The Answers of Big Buzz Challenge Quiz All Episodes are:

Big Buzz Challenge Episode 1 Answers – Challenge Excepted

Q1: Which Contestant Was The First To Cry This Season?

Answer 1:  Nikita Tamboli

Q2: ‘Agar Mein Kahu Ki Mein Paidaishi ____’

Answer 2: Janwar Hu

Q3: Which Contestant Rubbed ‘ Haldi ‘ On Sidharth’s Finger?

Answer 3: Pavitra Punia

Q4: Which Contestant Claims To Be A ‘ Heart – Breaker?

Answer 4: Nikitha Tamboli

Q5: Which Contestant Will Be Evicted This Week?

Big Buzz Challenge Episode 2 Answers – What’s in a name?

Q1: Who Amongst The Following Is Hot According To Eijaz?

Answer 1: Gauhar

Q2: Why Did Nikki Break-Up With Her Ex?

Answer 2: Bore Ho Gayi

Q3: Which Contestant’s Real Name Is ‘Jayesh Bhattacharya’?

Answer 3: Jaan Sanu

Q4: In The Task ‘Mere Angane Me Tumhara Kya Kaam Ha’ What Did Gauhar Ask Rahul To Do?

Answer 4: 10 Swimming Laps

Q5: Which Contestant Will Be Evicted This Week?

Answer 5: None Of The Above

Big Buzz Challenge Episode 3 Answers – Massage Sessions

Q1: Who Gave Rahul A Back Massage?

Answer 1: Nikki Tamboli

Q2: In One Of The Episodes Rahul Said – ‘Aise Hi Woh Tera_?

Answer 2: ATM Hai

Q3: What Is Nikki Tamboli’s Birth Date?

Answer 3: 21st August 1996

Q4: 4. What Is The Number Of Songs That Kumar Sanu Has Dedicated To His Wife?

Answer 4: 5

Q5: Which Contestant Will Be Evicted This Week?

Answer 5: None Of The Above

Big Buzz Challenge Episode 4 Answers – Dil Garden Garden Hogaya

Q1: Who Did Kavita Save From The Nominations ?

Answer 1: Eijaz Khan

Q2: Rahul Said ‘ Tu Red Zone Se Chali Gayi Toh Mein_ ?‘

Answer 2: Pagal Ho Jaunga

Q3: How Many Instruments Does Jaan Sanu Play?

Answer 3: 35

Q4: What Did Jaan Wanted From Nikki In The Garden Area ?

Answer 4: Kiss

Q5: Who Will Get Evicted This Week ?

Answer 5: None Of The Above  (My Prediction)

Big Buzz Challenge Episode 5 Answers – Naina Da Kya Kasoor

1. Which Contestant Was Told By Nikki To Not Kiss Her?

Answer 1: Jaan Kumar Sanu

2. What Did Ejaz Says? Toh Ab Me Jaunga Andar Aur….?

Answer 2: Fatunga

3. Who Was The Only Contestant Who Did Not Vote For Nishant?

Answer 3: Naina Singh

4. Which Contestant Real Name Is Neha Singh?

Answer 4: Pavitra Punia

5. Who Will Get Evicted This Week ?

Answer 5: None Of The Above ( My Prediction )

Big Buzz Challenge Episode 6 Answers – Mr. Punjabi in the house

1. As which contestants special friend has Ali entered in the house?

Answer – Jasmin Bhasin

2. Jasmin said ‘ab fatega kal’ ?

Answer – Bomb

3. Which contestant won the title ‘Mr. Punjab’ in 2009?

Answer – Abhinav Shukla

4. What did Abhinav make Rubina eat to break her Karwa Chauth fast?

Answer – Kheer

5. Who will be evicted this week? (it’s a poll based question)

a) Niki Tamboli
b) Jaan Kumar Sanu
c)Kavita Kaushik
d) none of the above

Big Buzz Challenge Episode 7 Answers – Miss Shimla in the house

1. In the ‘Ek Tha Raha Ek Thi Rani’ task how much money did Nicky ask from Rahul to destroy the opponent team’s hearts?

Answer – 20000 BB Currency

2. What did Jaan say? ‘Tu Apna Kaam Kar Sabse Badi…….?

Answer – Two Faced Hai

3. Who according to Kavita is ‘Gunda’ of the house?

Answer – Aly Goni

4. Which contestant won ‘Miss Shimla’ Title in 2006?

Answer – Rubina Dilaik

5. Who Will Get Evicted This Week ?

Answer – None of the above ( My Prediction )

Big Buzz Challenge Episode 8 Answers – Aly ne bola anpadh?

1. What did Ejaz steal from Nikki’s bedside?

Answer – Coffee

2. Aly said padh likh ke aaiye ________?

Answer – Anpadh hai aap

3. Who was the 1st contestant to reach red box during the nomination task?

Answer – Pavitra Punia

4. Which contestant has claustrophobia?

Answer – Aly Goni

5. Who will be evicted this week?(it’s a poll based question)

a) Abhinav Shukla
b) Rahul Vaidya
c) Nikki Tamboli
d) none of the above

Ans:- Abhinav Shukla (My Prediction)

Big Buzz Challenge Episode 9 Answers – Hottie Rubina

Q1: In the confession task who was the last contestant to go for confession ?

Answer 1: Kavita Kaushik

Q2: What was kavita say “yeh bataiye jo gaaliyon ka _

Answer 2: Putla Hai

Q3: According to eizaj which contestant in the house follows Aly

Answer 3: Rahul Vaidya

Q4: Which contestant was in 10th place in Asia’s sexiest 50 women 2017?

Answer 4: Rubina Dialik

Q5: Which contestant will be evicted in this week

a) Abhinav Shukla
b) Rubina Dilaik
c) Jasmin Bhasin
d) None of the above (Predict According To Poll)

Big Buzz Challenge Episode 10 Answers – Rubina Ki Nautanki

Q1. who according to rahul who shows their true colours during tasks?

Answer – rubina dilaik

Q2. what did jasmine yeh sab______?

Answer – dudh ke dhule

Q3. who was the first contestant to get evicted in finale week?

Answer – aly goni

Q4.which contestant has covered manali to leh on a bicycle?

Answer – abhinav shukla

Q5. who will be evicted this week?(it’s a poll based question)?

Answer – Any

Big Buzz Challenge Episode 11 Answers – What the Duck?

Q1: Who Was The First Contestant To Remove Their Duck Suit During The BB Duck Park Task?

Answer 1: Nikki Tamboli

Q2: What Did Rakhi Say ‘Uski Umar Nahi Uski _?’

Answer 2: Kamar Dekh

Q3: Rahul Mahajan Wants To Maintain Distance With Which Contestant?

Answer 3: Arshi Khan

Q4: Which Contestants Real Name Is ‘Neeru Bheda’?

Answer 4: Rakhi Sawant

Q5: Which Contestant Will Get Evicted This Week?

Answer 5: None Of The Above

Big Buzz Challenge Episode 12 Answers – Captaincy ki Race?

Q1: Who Got Out Of The Captaincy Race First?

Answer 1: Eijaz Khan

Q2: Eijaz Say?’Apni Umar Ki__

Answer 2: Aukaad Me Reh

Q3: According To Rubina Who Is Influencing Other Contestants Against Her?

Answer 3: Rahul Vaidya

Q4: Which Contestant Is A Professional Pilot?

Answer 4: Rahul Mahajan

Q5: Who Will Become The Captain This Week?

Answer 5:  None Of The Above

Big Buzz Challenge Episode 13 Answers – Rakhi Ka Jalwa

Q1: According To Vikas Which Contestant Is Being Foolish In Their Game?

Answer 1: Nikki Tamboli

Q2: What Did Rakhi Say? ‘Tera Istemaal Karenge.

Answer 2: Popat Banke

Q3: Rakhi Asked Aly And Eijaz To Call Her By What Name?

Answer 3: Julie

Q4: Which Contestant Won The Dada Saheb Phalke Award For Best Item Dancer?

Answer 4: Rakhi Sawant

Q5: Which Contestant Will Get Evicted This Week?

Answer 5: None Of The Above

Big Buzz Challenge Episode 14 Answers – Nikki ki Paathshala

Q1. Which contestant is Rakhi trying to hit on?
Answer: Abhinav Shukla

Q2. What did Arshi say?
Answer: Manners sikhayegi

Q3. According to nikki what should rakhi learn from her?
Answer: Anushaasan

Q4. How won the miss glory earth beauty contest in 2014?
Answer: Aarshi Khan

Q5. Who will be evicted this week? (based on future episodes)
Answer: None of the above

Final Words: Hope you have won prizes from the Flipkart Big Buzz Challenge Answers. Best of Luck!!!

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